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  1. In my case, lowering the antialiasing to "2x SSAA + FXAA" helped a lot with the lag, I have 50/60 frames with a Nvidia 1070 and using skymaxx pro. FPS lowers to 30/40 in overcast condition, but its very fluid. Regards!
  2. Nevermind I found a post on x-plane.org reporting this also, seems like an XPlane issue https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/207528-anti-alaising-and-stuttering/
  3. Hi, nice work on the update, I had the same problem, using more than 2x SSAA + FXAA as antialiasing, get me a lot of stuttering, Using the default planes I can crank it up without problems. @Goran_M: your product and your support is top of the line! Am very pleased with the purchase, and almost only fly your plane on the sim. As a real world pilot, I apreciate the detail on the model.
  4. Hi guys, I will put my 2 cents on the matter. I have no experience flying turbos of that size, I only have type ratings for PA-11, C-150 and C-172, but as far as I can extrapolate, the ground handling feels ok for an aircraft with that amount of power. Also you need to operate this bird according to to the "book", Yaw damper is not to be used below 500 feet AGL. It will try to coordinate the aircraft using ruder trim, so if you try to to takeoff with YD enabled, you will end fighting against its inputs. Also the trim setting is very important during takeoff, make sure that the pitch
  5. Hi Devs, I cant stop flying this beautiful plane, its amazing! I had a severe icing yesterday flying in a storm system, and I had to change the flight level to avoid the ice, (first time ever since "Flight simulator 95" that it happen to me hehe, the drag of the ice and the capacity of the deice systems is perfectly modelated) As a real world pilot, I can say that the aircraft has one of the more accurate flight models that i ever saw in a flight simulator. I have logged more than 40 hours in FSE since i purchased it, and one thing that I would like is to access the payload screen a
  6. I will try to enlarge the tables, but the idea was to keep it in a single page. I printed it in A4 also, using a laser printer. Cheers!
  7. Hi folks, I made a PDF document with all the Normal checklists from the official POH in only 2 pages, also I included some performance tables. I wanted to share it with the community. Let me know if I can improve it. Thanks for this great product! Cheers TBM-900 Condensed Checklist.pdf
  8. I tried to increase the Page File size, and I got no more crashes (previously was set to auto, and now to 16G)
  9. +1 Same problem no plugins no addons. Only FlyWithLUA NG
  10. Wow! ~15 more FPS than 1.0.4 and ~25 more FPS than 1.0.3. Nvidia 1070 8gb / 16 GB RAM / I7 4790 Windows 10 / nvidia version 399.24
  11. dude.. you should sleep.... :D you didnt stopped coding since the release... :D 

    5 updates in less than a week! what a great support!!!

  12. Sure, i dont have access to my pc until tomorrow, i will share it as soon as posible. You should get way more than that with your specs. Try to load the plane in SAZM airport, and check fps. Take into account that the autogen density is way lower than in europe. Which nvidia driver version do you have? Best regards Fernando
  13. Same settings, i fly in south america with ortho4xp sceneries at zl16. In SAZM it jumped from 30 fps to almost 40 fps in CAVOK conditions. With a stratus layer it drops to ~32 fps The VRAM usage is almost 5.5g (photoscenery uses lots of VRAM) Best regards Fernando.
  14. Nice Update, almost 10 more fps same conditions! Its a wonderful plane. Good work. I7-4790 / Nvidia 1070 8Gb / 16G RAM
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