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    Landing gear

    This is indeed a NG/MAX thing only. There, having the "manual extension access door" open disables landing gear retraction logic, and allows manual landing gear extension with the gear lever in any position (contrary to the Classic). This in turn makes for a much simpler (and a lot less fun ) "Landing Gear Lever Jammed in the UP Position" NNC on the NG... On the Classic this NNC guides you through de-pressurizing Hyd. System A in order to extend the landing gear, whereas on the NG there's no need for this. Ken
  2. Hello, Well, this forum thread got me curious.. so I decided to try to find out in the real plane. (Cruise flight can get boring sometimes..) The approach shown in this video is the Barcelona ILS Z rwy 02, with a vector leg to the northeast. First, you can see that I try to look around Milano.. increasing range, the vector leg just barely becomes visible passing across the screen, still going strong northeastwards. Then, observe how it ends right about the NIGSI waypoint (close to SNU VOR, in the Vienna (Austria) area) Now - how far is it from Barcelona to NIGSI? I hav
  3. Hello, I've taken this short video shot from the real plane recently (sorry for the lack of hand-held stability..) If this is what you mean, you see the depection in IXEG is quite correct: The elevation values and the terrain are drawn as the 'sweep' (there is no actual sweep of course, it isn't radar) refreshes the screen with EGPWS data, then they stay fixed even if the EHSI moves or turns around them.. As such, the numbers can almost 'fall off' of the screer as you can see in my video; until they are redrawn by the next 'sweep'. Ken EHSI.mp4
  4. Thanks for all of your replies. I used to be the same ... until when a few years ago a mandatory check of the TR outputs became part of our procedures before any CAT2/3 approach (don't know if that was as a result of incorporating some updated Boeing procedure or just company-invented stuff). That's why it sort of stood out to me when I saw it. In fact, looking at the system schematics I think it is quite impossible to determine the voltage pickup location like that, because while doing so will provoke an unpowered TR, it will also open the TR3 disconnect relay, preve
  5. Hi, Just so happens that I recently made a video of an APU start and generator connect.. however I wasn't specifically looking at the EGT gauge, as these crappy movie stills will probably tell BEFORE generator connect: AFTER generator connect: Doesn't look like an EGT rise to me.. rather the opposite. Probably EGT still stabilizing after start. Ken
  6. First of all let me just say, wow... what a great simulation is this! For starters, the look and feel of the 737 has been captured to an unbelievable extent.. Makes me feel right at home. Then there's the depth of system simulation, that makes me want to experiment with the plane in such a way that it's rather fortunate that this is a sim! I have been out of computer sims for a long time and I re-installed X-Plane especially for this long-awaited add-on (I had been lurking on the former ixeg.net blog and forum for quite some years..). As a result, my X-plane install is very clean and
  7. Hello, This is aircraft specific. Quoting from the manual: Where I fly, our aircraft come from a variety of sources, therefore they display many differences in wiring and equipment, and indeed this variance is one of the many we experience on a daily basis. Most of them are as modelled by IXEG and as you describe - going into HDG SEL rather than a blank roll channel.. Ken
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