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  1. I put on the correct file from my dropbox. I hope you Folks can download it from now - using the link above. (I did not tested though...)
  2. I put the file onto the x-pilot downloads as well... I will update the link and the file as well. Sorry for this, but I just used my mobile device to drop the file on this page.
  3. Version 1.0.4


    Malev livery for IXEG: HA-LEG. Enjoy!
  4. MALEV B737-3Y0 HA-LEG View File Malev livery for IXEG: HA-LEG. Enjoy! Submitter eurocat Submitted 05/14/2016 Category IXEG 737 Classic Livery For Click Here For Aircraft X-Plane Version(s) IXEGMALEV-HALEG.zip
  5. Hi Folks, I was waiting for a livery - for my IXEG Boeing in MALEV colors - for a while, then I decided to create one. Here you can get it. Btw, if one of the livery Expert still would like to enhance it, very welcome! I'm not a painter, nor an expert in livery creation. But I love MALEV and their fleet including HA-LEG one of their B733. Untill someone creates a "real" livery for MALEV B733, here is my version. Enjoy! MALEV-HA-LEG.zip
  6. That is a good practice to trim the bird as required for smooth flight. Its grueling, when a pilot fights against the forces on the column. Pulling, or pressing constantly to be able to keep the profile. So, I kindly advise you set and use the trim wheel. It will be your best friend during all virtual, and real flights as well.
  7. Would you be kind to create MALEV liveries? The hungarian airliner cancelled the operation on 03.Feb.2012 leaving a huge black hole afterwards. So, Malev' got 42 birds - from type B732 to B739. The very first B737 was HA-LEC on 18.Nov.1988. After this one another six joined to the park. (HA-LEA, HA-LEB, HA-LEI, HA-LEK, HA-LEM) The last one was active till 26.May.2000. The classic was represented by B733, B734 and B735. The IXEG related B733 registrations may be... HA-LED B737-3Y0 (SN:24909) first flight in Malev colors 01.Apr,1991. HA-LEF B737-3Y0 (SN:24914) first flight in Malev colors 05.May,1991. HA-LEG B737-3Y0 (SN:24916) first flight in Malev colors 03.Jun,1991. HA-LEJ B737-3Q8 (SN:26303) first flight in Malev colors 22.Jul,1994. HA-LES B737-3Y0 (SN:24676) first flight in Malev colors 20.Jan,2000. HA-LET B737-3Y0 (SN:24910) first flight in Malev colors 05.May,2000. HA-LEX B737-3Y0 (SN:24902) first flight in Malev colors 29.Jun,2001. It would be great to fly these birds again! Regards zg
  8. I confirm that all things working properly and packed the installation set. ! First flight:LHBP-EDDM. Absolute eventless flight, with some rain at Munich. All systems were operating as required. Nice job guys! I hesitated for a while to buy or not - go, no go - after the first few impressions shared by others. But the decision has been made well before...the bird is at my virtual hangar. I'll be with it for a quite long time from now. Well done guys, well done! huge thanks and respect for all of yours! regards zg
  9. Here we are - folks of internet, and virtual flight experts -, the IXEG B737 is on the market. Hurray! After few hours of rollout, the video shares start dumping the latest episodes of our tryouts. I'm a bit disappointed of the early results. That's, how the beginners want to drag up the bird from the runway - without the bare minimum of preflight preparations -, it is tragicomic. They spent a money for a bounch of useless bits and pieces, and the product wont climb as they pulled back the stick, instead its bumping, shaking, screaming...that's a crap! However, the "factory" supplied some boring manuals, but who wants to take care of them after 6 years of waiting?!.... Not me... - they would say. Hey guys - dear simmers -, the flight industry - as a bare sum - is not a sandbox, not even in simulated scenarios! Please take time to prepare yourself before tryout, and do not claim for bugs when the plane misbehaves! Dear Chief "instructors" over the Net, if you decide to share your experience with sim like this, please follow the "good" practice - even it eats the expensive "idling" time of the final showcase. Do not present, how to start up the APU, then right after ignite the engines and go out to the runway to take off right after... The unity users do not know what, why, when etc.. they just try to copy your actions...they will be disappointed after the n-th not successful flight, and start flooding the support forums with annoying topics. Teach them, do not give hints them! Explain the procedures in easy to follow shape. Here is one of the "brilliant" example, what am saying... Please do not share videos like this! Wait for the real experts, and learn the systems mean while! I presume the IXEG B737 is not really finished yet. There are many uncovered bugs in the code - it is how thing used to be happen in the software development. If the product like this is "flown" by experts, and tested by experts...they know what, and why. We - outsiders - do not in such detail. Thats why the bugs come out to the light pretty soon. So, be patient, and take time to study the systems, before logging in the forum and start to cry, or claim... Best regards, zg
  10. There is the point! Be ready for flight before the bird rolls out. Be prepared with the right answers for the questions - never asked before about how and why does it do that at that stage of the flight. Practice takeoffs and landing with strong cross winds by hand. Level up your rate from the base 10 out of 10 succeded actions to 100 by 100... or as the previous message says: go out under the sky and enjoy it. After the release you will have not too much chances to do so...
  11. Great job!!! May I flip up an infant question, or questions: if I'm a dumb sim pilot - as I am - and I just want to mimic that Jan did after departure in the demo till he sets/changes the initial climb altitude to 8000 feet. (The cruising altitude is at F320, let say...) I'll do the same. Click on VNAV, the bird starts to climb bye the profile. Tops at 8000 - here the story can be splitted two ways: at close to 8000 feet the VNAV disengaged and ALT HLD will be active. In this stage I got a clearance from ATC continue climbing to FXXX (first variant), or after settled at altitude 8000 I turn the altitude knob to higher value. But - as I said - I'm an infant dumb sim pilot and I missed relevant schools about FMS/MCP guided flights, and after the MCP level modification the bird wont climb...Ok, you folks all know why. But in this situation I'm alone in trouble. And in the mean time the miles go bye.... Make the things even more complicated the flight I wanted to complete is a very short hop. Steep climb up to F320 then immediately drop the altitude because the destination is so close. So, after several minutes I realize that even I turned the altitude change knob to the next level, I missed to either push it to activate it (airbus style), or missed to push VNAV again to let the FMS guide the climb to the next altitude. I presume as a time goes by, I will run out of the profile contraints. So, not so far from this time I will reach the point from where the FMS cann't manage flight and says UNABLE TO CLIMB or CRZ altitude defined in the flight plan. From now - I presume -, the original TOC and TOD (things related VNAV) going to be dropped into the trash. (Maybe not, I don't know...) How can I - as a dumb sim pilot - recover from this situation, and prepare the bird for landing and follow arrival procedures at the destination? Because I still need FMS/MCP at landing... Ok, I know this situation is very artficial, and not tipical - but in home based sim scenarios I'm sure it can happen with many of us. I'll be pleased if some one would light up on the solutions and a bit of background of the FMS/MCP guided flights with such a great bird, like 737CL.
  12. I presume, both.... but who cares?! While you're 'sitting' up front, does not make sense if those conditions are met or not. It llooks nice on replay session. It really does though! Are we there yet? )
  13. Dear Gents, no more complaints! All those things you - the full team of IXEG - mentioned, said before - regarding the product *(which is yours) - are fully obvious. No questions why! You made it. We will enjoy it soon and there after - I hope. This topic looks like almost the same as another was in the dates before the B737 NG(FS2K4/FSX) airplane addon was about to release. The folks were eager to get it into their hands and play with it asap. Since the release date, that product is just one of the other well designed addons on the palette (...it's nimbus had paled out as you like...). I would like to emphasize that word from the previous sentence: 'play'. I will do that with this bird, and I will set up the rules for that game, when I will practice. As you - Jan - mentioned, this capability will be/has been built in the product. That is the most important thing, what we - potential users - need to keep in our mind. You can fashion all the scenarios as you want, the bird will do what it actually used to be done: keep flying untill...
  14. Keep the balance folks! Too realistic flight gear rules out even more potential fans of flight sim community, they planned to buy, use such a bird like IXEG B733 or like FJS B732... I do prefer the more advanced, more realistic, more challanging simulations though. The satisfaction is like a coin with two sides. The "real" pilots will be or will be not satisfied after the first flights because they expected something more realistic, than that was wrapped into the initial release. In their prospective the simulator would have been even more realistic. Meanwhile the not hardcore sim pilots - I think their population grows even faster, than the others - will find "too" complicated to fly the B733 as a regular base. So, for them all the efforts result as a bounch of useless, hard to understand, hard to handle, and of course over priced package. The developer cann't garantee the success for all, who will buy her/his product. She or he need to focus on the target. If the specification says that this or that feature must produce this or that result - in a various, but well defined - conditions, nothing else to be done since the beginning of the development, just to find the best, and most effective design, then write the code, and test, test.... All these are time consuming stuff. It does take 5 years? Well it can be 6 or seven. One thing more about complexity: the far too complicated system has got more potential weekness. But anyway I'd like to faceoff with my satisfactions regarding IXEG's B733!
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