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  1. If you use projectfly then that's the culprit, it has been reported by someone.
  2. Here is a friendly suggestion for those who can live without deferential braking. Define two keys for hold regular and max braking, ive changed x-planes default "b" and "v" from "toogle" to "hold" In saitek's "smart" something software set left and right toe to use "bands". Ive set mine like this: 0-15% - no input 15-95% - key b (hold regular braking) 95-100% - key v (max braking) Remember to activate your profile. Sent from my SM-T211 using Tapatalk
  3. What is needed is a way to set the curvature for toe brakes. The saitek profiler software wont help with this either. AFAIK only DCS World has a way of adjusting this.
  4. +1 Would like this too.
  5. Oh crap, went ninja on update. Will it be a new version number?
  6. Great! Having a blast with this bird. Learning so much new :-) And i love the update system, so nice not having to restart x-plane and have a 5 min load. :-)
  7. Try remove or update jardesign Ground handling plugin that came with a330 if you have it. Sent from my SM-T211 using Tapatalk
  8. The very first thing i tried was a final on enbr with cross gusting conditions...i'm out of words with the experience of it...it felt so real! And if this wasn't enought, with the landing I was expecting the typical x-plane ice scate with the wind direction but immediately felt the friction as i touched down..just awesome. Thank you ixeg, you've taken desktop sims to another level. I can never go back to anything below your standards now. Sent from my SM-T211 using Tapatalk
  9. Concern, well, I chose the wrong word maybe. I don't know how the XA system work, and i'm just now to tired to even care. I just don't like to read that expire date thingy. Anyway, all good. I'm happy. No longer concerned, thanks.
  10. Is there any details as to how updates for this plane will be distributed? My concern here is with the download limit through XA (no offense staff) I assume that will be reset with each update?
  11. Might be the only one, but I'm more excited about Jan's tutorials then the actual release :-D Sent from my SM-T211 using Tapatalk
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