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  1. YES! This has been at the top of my most wanted list for some time. Instant day 1 purchase for me!
  2. As the title says, right after takeoff I got a CTD. In the attached log it seems to have crashed while the TBM was downloading data from the FAA and references a SSL cert issue. Log.txt
  3. Not sure if it's related but after updating to 11.30b2 I ca'n't get the plane started anymore. I move the throttle out of cut-off and get a warning about fuel residue, replace the part, try to start again, same result.
  4. Well no I'm not doubting anyone just curious as to what to look out for or test.
  5. My question is why does this have to be so difficult? What are the devs doing where this much effort has to go into fiddling with the toe brakes? Judging from other topics on here 1.0.6 seems to have not alleviated the situation or in fact made it worse.
  6. Perhaps unrelated but I was having CTDs too after periods of use and then I realized that my page file was really small so I set the minimum size to 16GB and max to 24GB (1x and 1.5x installed memory) and knock wood but since then my crashes have disappeared.
  7. The first version I installed I think was 1.0.2 and on 1.0.5 I can definitely notice improved performance even if my frames seem largely unchanged, mostly in terms of less stuttering when looking around. I’m currently trying to determine if loading a stock plane first then the 900 or re-loading the whole sim gives me a better frame rate boost, because both scenarios have given me boosts. 20 FPS vs30+ when changing planes or re loading.
  8. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but I’d like to add in here that after editing the pref file a second time I had success with my brakes. The first time I was focused on just removing any instance of 6 or 7 and I was ignoring other, higher values. Once I set everything above 4 back to 0 and deleted the XP control profile for the TBM everything was working as it should. Important to note if you have a control profile in X-Plane for the TBM you must delete it. After I edited the pref file the brakes would only work under the default user profile until I made a new custom profile for the TBM.
  9. I should note that this perhaps originally didn't work for me because I was focusing on the values of 6 and 7 and I missed the fine print that said any unusually high number, and I found a bunch of 22s and 10s so I just set anything above 4 back to 0. Hopes this helps.
  10. Ok after trying the preference file tweak (removing high values for axes assignments) a second time and deleting my control profile that I created for the TBM and making a new one, everything is working now.
  11. I have not tried to delete all prefs. I’ll give it a try when I get home later. Also, are there any known plugin conflicts at the moment? I forget the issue the last time but I had the remove my xjet plugin (AirfoilLabs) because it was interfering with another addon. Just trying to cover all bases.
  12. Sounds like the opposite of my problem. I went and tried the joystick pref file delete that I’ve seen going around, but the issue persists.
  13. Also having toe brake issues, have an open topic about it, and deleting that pref file didn’t solve my issue.
  14. The joystick pref file edit didn’t solve my problem, even totally removing the file didn’t solve anything. Still cannot get the plane to recognize my brake pedals. Rudder axis is just fine.
  15. Yeah the lack of any sort of acknowledgement thus far is concerning. I hate to sound hyperbolic but I can't fly this if my brakes aren't working.
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