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  1. Thanks I will give it a go.
  2. After planning a flight from EGPB to EGPH 45 minutes and then flying to final at EGPH 1hr 20min the thing decides to CTD on final with : 2019-12-31 17:13:52 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 Very very frustrating after the time spent. Mike TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  3. Hi, I am looking for someone who has an AMD rig running a FX8350 and has upgraded their GPU to a GTX 1070 or a GTX 1080. I am interested in the prospect of increased performance over a GTX 970. I am aware of the constraints of an AMD FX series cpu and the reason I would like the information is that I have a finite amount of cash available that can stretch to a GTX 1080 but not to a replacement motherboard and a new i7 7700 or Ryzen x1700 and subsequentially purchasing a copy of Windows 10 64 as I believe even with a digital authentic copy it will not reinstall when a cpu and motherboard has been replaced. I am running XP10 with 25-28 fps and XP11 with 26-29 fps on medium settings reasonable detail but not jaw dropping.I am content with my 1080 monitors and do not at this time wish to go 4k or even 1440. I have recently purchased a HP Omen laptop with a intel i5 7300Q with a GTX 1070 gpu with 2 gb of GDDR5 and although I would not run any flight sim on it it has put my AMD rig to shame. I realise now that my AMD FX8350 is a bit of a dinosaur. Any positive comments would be thankfully received. Thank you for your time Mike EGGP Since posting with no replies I have done research and this information may be of benefit to anyone else in my position with an out of date CPU. The FX8350 is like a jammed up freeway at rush hour and the GTX 1080 is like a Ferrari. It may have 350 hp under the hood (or in the trunk) but it will only be able to travel a 20 mph with all the jammed up lanes. I am booking a cruise instead. Thank you
  4. Thank you for your response. I am the only flight sim enthusiast in the family so it would not be a case of passing on keys. Mike EGGP
  5. Hi, I have 2 X-Aviation products, IXEG B737 and Skymax Pro/ RWC. My trusty Amd FX6000 rig is getting a bit old for X-plane 11. So I was contemplating a new build going down the i7 6700 route. Does the EULA allow for IXEG and SMP/RWC to be installed on a new pc at the same address and under the same static IP address, or would I have to re purchase the items. Obviously it makes a big difference to cost if software has to be re purchased. Thank you Mike EGGP
  6. Thank you for the information. The latest Nvidia 373.06 drivers did not stop the fps issue on my setup. I will check "ventura sky" out, thanks for the heads up. Great plugin RWC. Mike EGGP
  7. Hi, Before I went on vacation the NOAA site for WX metars was unplugged with total confusion and there was a problem with poor frame rates with the Windows 10 1607 update. I have returned from vacation a bit confused about the best setup for using current metars. I have Sky Max Pro current update and RWC current update. I also have the Noaweather plugin script and use EFASS which has UltraWX. Previously I used the Noaweather plugin set RWC to ALWAYS IGNORE X-PLANE SETTINGS and as the Noaweather plugin automatically set the x-plane weather page to SET WEATHER INFORMALLY for entire world and unchecked the UltraWX box in EFASS and everything ran smoothly. Not too sure on the best setup now as I have noticed a few discrepancies between X-plane 10.51 and the weather reported in EFASS flightplans and I dont think EFASS is proactive in getting current metars. Any advice would be welcome for the best setup. Thank you Mike EGGP
  8. Thanks Cameron. Your dedication shows no bounds as I am sure there are more pleasant things to do on a Sunday afternoon than configure a server or come up with an emergency hotfix solution. By the way the hotfix download works perfectly if users unzip to a temp location and run the executable. Nortons internet security does not like the setup.exe file but it doesn't like the file on the Skymaxx pro and Real Weather connector either. Temporarily disabling the SONAR protection whilst the software is installed stops Nortons removing the file and it installs without problem. Thank you Mike EGGP
  9. Same here. extract from gizmo log same as everybody else with the problem. debug: 254.760: http://gizmo.x-plugins.com/hotfix/e93aecd6f410a55e29965a43e2774142 debug: 255.118: manifest data: error: 255.118: http API call_back: HotFix_eatUpdateManifestData: [string "extensions/HotFix/HotFix.lua.aes"]:203: attempt to get length of field 'data' (a nil value)
  10. Hi, Please can someone paint the B733 in the Celebrity Cruises livery C-GPNL. The plane is currently flying out Celebrity cruise passengers on elite tickets from a new elite lounge at London Stanstead EGSS to various locations in the Med to meet Celebrity Cruise ships. Thank you Mike EGGP
  11. Where is that available as the website http://www.tosi-online.de/XPUIPC/XPUIPC.html still has version Thanks
  12. Hi Morrigan You said the XPUIPC issue has been fixed. Is that a new XPUIPC file that has been released or has the problem within the B733 Classic been fixed and is the B733 Classic download at X-Aviation had fixes applied so if I pay and download I will get the newer version with less headaches. Thanks
  13. Notwithstanding the dedication of the IXEG team to their quality product and their effort to make sure the faults and bugs are fixed quickly, this is a $75 product that out of the box is not fit for the purpose. If it was a digital radio or a television that was purchased at the electronics store on Saturday morning and one found that certain local radio stations or national TV stations were not available on it due to a software problem then I am sure the vast majority of purchasers would have been back on Saturday afternoon demanding a refund. I have stood back from purchasing the B733 classic as I expected a few clitches but I think there are far too many for a product that is $75 and has been beta tested. Hopefully the fixes will appear real soon and the forums will be full of satisfied and content simmers who are reporting that this is the best ever for X-Plane. Then I will be there with my credit card, hopefully I will get more US$ for my British Pound.
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