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  1. Hi everybody Basically, there are two parts of the question: First is that I am trying to translate Ben's Gizmo64 code for the terrian map into a SDK plugin, however so far without success. My below code basically works, however, does not display a terrain texture. I am wondering, how to get the texture id of the terrian, if there is any. int efb_map_draw( XPLMDrawingPhase inPhase, int inIsBefore, void * inRefcon) { XPLMBindTexture2d(map_texture, 1); XPLMSetGraphicsState(0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0); glColor3f(0.75, 0.75, 0.75); glTransl
  2. Just to close this topic: Problem solved thanks to Ben's hint to use drawing phase xplm_Phase_Gauges. I just did not use the rght coordinates initially to display the string on the 3d panel. Thansk again for all replies and help. SHJ
  3. Hi Jim Thanks for your reply. If I understand correctly than Gizmo64 acts as a kind of overlay to the SDK and uses the SDK code set/API? Using xplm_Phase_Gauges works in a way that it indeed draws the string on the 2D panel. Regarding the Gizmo64 code shown above I am a bit puzzled that to my understanding with glPushMatrix() and glPopMatrix() OpenGL is being addressed. However, adding this to the plugin code does not give any effect. Could there be a necessity to somehow 'load' the 3D panel png in the plugin code? Frankly speaking I do not fully understand the meaning of the second
  4. Hi guys Many thanks to all of you for your responses. Regarding your comments on the advantages of Gizmo64 I fully agree. It is indeed a very handy tool/plugin that allows also people like me with quite basic programming skills to achieve great results. Basically, I could realize almost all functionality I wanted for my a/c with this tool/plugin. However, as the plugin meanwhile became payware and can be obtained according to Ben’s post not on a standalone basis but only together with a X-A payware product it is no longer an option for my project. This because I plan to publish
  5. Hi Can somebody give some help on this topic. I have tried to find as much as possible on the web, however, the information is limited. I have also tested the example http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/DrawingHook which works well with my plugin, however, frankly speaking I have a lack of understanding how to continue from this point with the 'string issue'. Although, the following code snippet is probably missing essential parts I include it just to illustrate where am I at the moment with my considerations: XPLMRegisterDrawCallback(My3DTest, xplm_Phase_FirstScene, 0,
  6. Hi Jim Thank you very much for your reply + amended file. Now it works. Was indeed a formatting problem. However, I am still struggeling with this issue. Although, I have set the index for the engines correctly (i.e. 0, 1) and saved the file the second engine shows the value of the first one. This despite the fact that the plugin seems to work correctly, i.e. when checking the dataref values with the DRE everythng is correct. For illustration some pics are attached. I am continuing to check this issues, however, perhaps you have an idea what might be the reason. Thanks and
  7. Hi Jim Please find attached the file. Custom dataref is added at the end. Best regards SHJ DataRefs.txt
  8. Hi Jim First of all my best wishes to you for 2018. Thank you for your response. The described approach works fine for the part of PM, i.e. when adding the dataref (SSJ100/SD_FUEL/fuel_used float[2] y kgs custom dataref) to the DataRefs.txt the Index-field gets active and can be edited. However, it creates problems with XP11 itself, i.e. leads to a crash when loading any a/c. To avoid any file formating issues I have amended the DataRefs.txt with the normal Windows text editor. Perhaps you have an idea what might be wrong. Thank you and best regards SHJ
  9. Hi Just to be sure - I have created in my plugin for the a/c a float array custom dataref (fuel consumption per engine). Everything with the code works well. However, I have noted that when using a CUSTOM array dataref in PlaneMaker the corresponding index field is inactive (please refer to attached pic). Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for possible help and best regards SHJ
  10. Hi Ben Thank you very much for your reply and offer. I hope not to disappoint you when saying that I got meanwhile very attracted by this pure programming stuff with the SDK and C++ and will continue this way although I guess that there are a lot of learning lessons ahead to go through. Never thought that I will somewhen start with C++ as it seemd to me very cryptic. Meanwhile, I got at least a first idea about the elegance of this programming language. I am quite optimistic that I will be able to transcribe the basic a/c functions from Gizmo/Lua quite fast, however, will probably get stu
  11. Hi PhM Thank your for your reply. There were basically two reasons for the problem (or maybe just one => ucritical copy/paste) The frst one is: XPLMUnregisterFlightLoopCallback(SysAPUFLCB, NULL); XPLMUnregisterDataAccessor(SSJ100_APU_MSw); vs XPLMUnregisterFlightLoopCallback(SysAPUFLCB, NULL); XPLMUnregisterFlightLoopCallback(SSJ100_APU_MSw); WRONG!!! => copy/paste issue The second one was uncorrect use of variable types (int vs float) in the accessor callbacks for the custom datarefs. Thank you again for your feedback and best regards
  12. Hi everybody I am about to transcribe a Gizmo64/Lua script into a plugin. Therefore, I had to start learning C++ where I believe made some good progress on the language itself, however, feel still weak with the whole environment (MS VS2017). So far I was working with the SDK2 and just started to try working with the SDK3. All code I have generated based on the SDK2 works well. including custom datarefs (instruction an examples mainly take from here http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/Main_Page. As a basis I took the 'Hello World' example and copied i my code from SDK2. Except
  13. Hi I have just noticed that the download link for Gizmo64 on Gizmo64.com is now dead. Taking into account Ben's mail above it is my understanding that Gizmo64 is not (no longer?) an option for freeware projects. Good oportunity to improve C++ skills to use in future a plugin for the a/c instead of a Lua/Gismo64 script. So, probably I will be more active in future in to the Plugin Developer forum and hope for the same excellent help I got all the time here. Best regards SHJ
  14. Hi Jim Thank you again for the link/file. I have now installed it (copied the content into xplane11/resources/plugins), however, when running XP11 with my a/c I got a pop-up to enter the corresponding registration with X-Aviation. Without this registration the Gizmo64-script for the a/c does (naturally) not work. Having also checked the X-Aviation site I understand that the Gizmo64-plug-in cannot be purchased on a stand-alone basis but, in line with Ben's mail, would be part of an a/c-payware. Given this and looking at the post from Ben it is my understanding that Gizmo64 is no longer a f
  15. Hi Ben Thank you very much for your response. I am a bit unsure how to understand 'official way' in your post. So far I have downloaded Gizmo64 from Gizmo64.com assuming that this is official + legal. It is absolutely not my aim to use anything on an unofficial or illegal basis. I would like to be sure in this matter since I might publish the a/c once finished as freeware. Could you perhaps also give a short example for X-A payware assuming you do not mean X Plane sim itself. Thanks again and best regards SHJ
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