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  1. Toss in my vote for a nicely done Cessna 402. Would love to see one of those.
  2. Oh, very nice! Really looking forward to this one.
  3. Took the B17 from Newfoundland to Great Britain with a stop in the Azores. Sucking fumes at each landing but loads of fun to navigate that plane across millions of square miles of empty ocean. Thank God for VOR's and accurate chronometres.
  4. Excellent. Love that Lancair promo. Think I'll go fly the Corvallis.
  5. Paraffin, that's it exactly. I live in eastern Colorado, and to not see the rocky mountains until you reach the front range foothills is weird. Greeley might as well be in Nebraska.
  6. Is that the payware or freeware pacman?
  7. Thank you indeed. Works nicely.
  8. Yep. That livery is hot! I'd be tempted to default to that one.
  9. I'm on the road at the moment, so I can't test this, but on most (all?) planes if you go into your weather settings and select hPa in the bottom left corner then the sim will output hPa on the digital instruments as well. Might be worth trying.
  10. Looks like the work of them foo fighters to me, yes'sir! And Cap'n . . . Who in the world are you talking to?!
  11. Here's a stupid suggestion because I know you've probably done this; but working in tech support for a while taught me that even the best of people sometimes forget the most mundane step . . . Do you have the X-Plane 9 DVD in your drive and mounted? If not, there's the whole six minute demo time limit you'll run into. Feel free to slap me now
  12. Crazy sweet! Can you provide service from Denver to Minneapolis? When will you start selling tickets?
  13. I'm getting a significant drop in fps when I turn on the nav and strobe lights. I go from 30-35 fps down to 19 in a heartbeat. I'm on an old G5, but it's pretty gutsy for an old girl. 2.3ghz dual, Nvidia 7800GT with 256 VRAM, 6 gigs RAM. Have pixel shaders off, which helps a lot. Flies beautifully without lights on, though. Just have to stay VFR It could very well be my machine. Just seems odd that only the lights do it. Seems like such a simple thing.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly. It should be an option. And that goes both ways. I end up tossing any plane that doesn't at least try to faithfully emulate the real plane's systems, understanding that X-Plane places limits on developers that aren't easily overcome without a thorough knowledge of programming. But, effort counts. With regards to the An-2, I love having a plane that will actually seize an engine if if don't manage it properly. Love that! But I know a lot of people don't, so I'm glad the plugin can be disabled while leaving the plane "fully" functional. That is one fine model.
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