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  1. Any news? We need more modern quality biz jets in x plane very badly. Also with the new gps in x plane are you planning on doin an updated garmin cockpit or the old Honeywell version? Thanks!
  2. AWESOME! Cant wait! And enjoy your internship. I had an aviation internship last summer and enjoied it very much. Thanks!
  3. Looks amazing! Still for v9 and will there still be screen reflections/fingerprints? Can't wai to buy as long as it is v9 (comp cant handle v10).
  4. I too would love to see a custom gps, mostly being able to select gps approaches to a specific airport.
  5. Great! So excited for some more corprate acf!
  6. Is this project or the 800xp still in progress?
  7. Hows the cockpit coming along? Can't wait to see!
  8. Hows the project coming? Early pics look great!
  9. Ok. I am just so excited to see an aircraft like this, as this airplane holds a special place in my heart. It looks great so far, but I wish there could be a glass cockpit for gps approaches into smaller airports without ILS. It looks great so far, I can't wait for further updates!
  10. I have a request/question- Any chance of developing an SII or even a Bravo? The airframe is basically the same, only the avionics different. I know a bravo would be difficult, but is is possible to at least do an SII with an efis? Please and thank you! Keep up the good work!
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