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QPAC A320 3D Cockpit/3D Upgrade


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It actually has a couple different start modes, one of which is the full startup from cold and dark. If I recall correctly the cold and dark start up is available in the free version as well. It's not modeled in as much depth or complexity as the Basic or Pro version (the Pro is still in progress and will be released early to mid 2014 if all goes according to plan). In the V2 there's 3 cold start options. From the manual:



The first option is “COLD and DARK”. In this case, the airplane is completely shut down after load. The ADIRUs and all electrical supply is off. This corresponds to the configuration in which a pilot would find the aircraft after an overnight stay.


The second option is to start with external power already applied. In this configuration, the ADIRUs are still off and require a full alignment which takes about 10 minutes. This is typically the configuration after a longer turn-around with the aircraft remaining at the gate.


The third option is to start the aircraft with the ADIRUs and the APU running. This is typically the case during very fast turn-arounds. 

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This update doesn't reflect all the work that's been done over the past few months. There's quite a bit of other work that I'm excited to show but I'd like to get a few more parts completed before I make some renders in order to show a more complete picture of how things are looking. It's definitely time for an update though! I added the final details and adjustments to the pedestal recently so here's a few renders!


Hope you enjoy, and don't hesitate to let me know if you think there's something wrong!




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Yeah I'm actually in Germany for the summer on an internship so I haven't brought my Mac Pro which means all development at this point is done on my 2009 MacBook Pro, which only runs v9. So that should give you a bit of a performance benchmark as well.


Also a definite yes to the fingerprints and reflections. This is a very early WIP of the colors and textures in general. Mostly I'm focused on getting all the buttons and switches and things functional before I go in and do the things like fingerprints and other dirt and grime.

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