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  1. Thanks guys. Well we haven't yet talked about a custom FMS, since you know, it takes a long time to make. We can't promise anything. Mat
  2. Hello, Sebastien. Sebastien To*****on. Mat
  3. Cockpit reflections will be included, we'll try to add rain/snow/other weather effects as well. We still have to discuss it though. Mat
  4. Thanks guys. I get offended and sad and and and very quickly... Sorry. I'd still stick to the original plan, realistic textures, up to 90% accuracy with systems and up to 99% accuracy with the model (since we got the original one that was used for simulation testing and Pipistrel's renders), a lot of options etc. But it's going to take min. 9 months to get it finished. It's hard to stick with the plan tho, with all of the obstacles in our way. It's about the mood as well, last few months I've been down and depressed (for personal reasons) and I couldn't do anything. The reason why I "unpaused" this project was the fear of being forgotten and then concealed by the Panthera by Harranssor. Me and Ilias decided to keep the project run at slower pace. Mat
  5. One of the mods, can you please close the topic? It's off for an undecided amount of time. Mat
  6. We're not doing it for cash, of course not. We're doing it because we planned to do it payware quality. We did start that way, we did too much work to just abandon it. The thing is that putting so much work and time for something, watching out for every piece of detail, make sure everything's going to be as the real thing, go to the people who DESIGNED the airplane, talk to them, get a lot of info etc... You start to question yourself: why? Why would I make another airplane like that, though more accurate, just for fun? We gave up on so many things just to give that time to the Panthera. It's hard to explain the feeling I have right now, I only had it one more time before. It's like being betrayed but in a different way. I sound like an idiot, I know. Mat
  7. I didn't want to diss Harranssor, but I do claim that our Panthera will be much more accurate since we're getting info from Pipistrel directly, I visited them, have constant contact with them... What bothers me is that he just came out with his Panthera all of the sudden. He saw the opportunity of our project being on hold and grabbed it. Can't blame him, though it still seems a bit unfair. But life is unfair so we must "swallow it" and go on. What do you guys think? Should we continue this project or just abandon it? Does it still have any sense if there's another Panthera, make another one? Probably, dissing this project means end of airplane development for me. It means a lot to me and I won't handle ending the work on it. I'm confused, mad and... I have no words. Sorry for the bitching and childish behaviour, I guess I really am just a child. Mat
  8. Yeah, I know. We're still developing, it will also take some time. Don't want to be arrogant or anything but everyone who will want quality will wait for ours. Others are just impatient or really just want to play. That's my statement, not going to ruin their work with my opinion so I'm just going to shut my mouth. Have some cookies now. ....and yes, I have rebuilt it. Mat
  9. I believe those were illegal FSX conversions... Mat
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