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  1. I've been quiet on this for sometime well not on purpose cause of work and school but, these angry conversations are just funny to look at. with all consideration to michael, keep up the good work and even though the release may not be any time soon. i know this will be above all the best freeware aircraft ever made in xplane. in my opinion at least.
  2. AF380

    log.txt file

    Hello all, So I've decided to fly the A320NEO and it crashes my sim now, i have contacted the developer and they said to give them the "log.txt file" can anyone tell me how to get it? when the sim crashes it just brings up a box saying "send suggestion to x-plane" well something like that. anyways would anyone know how i could get the file? (done some searching on other forums and no luck so just thought i would ask)
  3. AF380


    Go into 3D cockpit view and go to the top of the control panel, should be a button there for yaw damper.
  4. well good luck!!! don't freak out over the missing FMS route
  5. ok excellent, so basically only liveries that are currently flying right now, correct?
  6. looks fabulous!!!!!! excitement!!!! out of curiosity, will you be sticking strictly to real life liveries? as in one that are already out and flying? another is is there a plan for making other livers that companies have purchased the plane but have not been delivered? just wanted to because one of my fav airlines ordered the -900 and plane won't be delivered for some time.
  7. yup no problem, hopefully it answered something. =D
  8. Hey there, I may be able to answer this and i really hope it explains it clearly. When doing transatlantic routes and having experience from doing flight from USA to France i have the same thing that happens. When you installed explain and it asks you to install scenery hopefully u also installed the water regions in between the americas and Europe. this could be one reason why the NAV points are not loading in is because the scenery is not installed and x-plane defaults to water for scenery. Another thing that could contribute, I had the same thing when i flew over canada to europe the wayp
  9. You did address it, it was just way back when the expected date was unsure.
  10. looking back at it all, weren't the A330-340 Planes from them much higher quality then purchasing them from the store? well maybe a little leas but considering the planes were very well rendered from my standpoint makes paywear seam much more useless to purchase. though even if the site was closed and links not available, they should still post up what they have to the .org so others can use their great planes and livers. i was so hoping for several liveries i wanted when they announced it to. Turned out the project just became like the freeware 777 from xp jets. DEAD.
  11. yea i think that its mean or they could at least give off the aircraft and the liveries created for them.
  12. Greetings!!! and welcome. You may wanna try x-plane.org to find some small aircraft. they have quite a good selection for x-plane 9 and 10. 10 also comes with default small aircraft like the ones you mentioned.
  13. http://www.4-shared.eu/search.html?q=x+plane+a330+300&select=All try this if it leads you to the same page, go to the search bar and type "x-plane a330 300 GE" and it should pop up with links to the 300GE and 300RR hope it helped =D
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