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One more treat for tonight. This time without a 3D cockpit (will come once it's finished in real life).

I started this project like a year ago, didn't really work on it much since I realised that I'll have another finger surgery in two weeks. I got afraid that I won't be able to pull this project off till summer as promised. I did it in the end.

***I didn't make the flightmodel. I only made the exterior model.

I got invited to this project by Steve Hatfield last year, I think in August. I was really happy, this was my second project of an aircraft that actually exist in real life AND I got invited to work with a group that has all the data needed to make this airplane (provided by Tangent Aircraft).

Was fun building it. I wish I could do more details but the aircraft isn't built in real life so it's hard to make it detailed.

Thanks goes to:

- Steve Hatfield (for intorducing and adding me to this project)

- Nick Kuiper (for help with the flightmodel)

- Brian Carpenter, CEO of Tangent Aircraft (for all of the data needed to make this eye candy)

- Hamish Hall-Smith (Hampster, for making the white paint)

- Benedikt Samson (for making two paints for this airplane, the "N8112MX" and the "Swiss HB-2088")

- Others participating in this project

This aircraft some more eye candy than before (was a plane-maker only project).

*v10 version included!!

Little video I put up together as a teaser a while ago (if you don't like electronic music at 150bpm, turn the volume down):

Rate & Comment! Any comment much appreciated!




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