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  1. Tangent Aircraft EMG-5

    One more treat for tonight. This time without a 3D cockpit (will come once it's finished in real life).
    I started this project like a year ago, didn't really work on it much since I realised that I'll have another finger surgery in two weeks. I got afraid that I won't be able to pull this project off till summer as promised. I did it in the end.
    ***I didn't make the flightmodel. I only made the exterior model.
    I got invited to this project by Steve Hatfield last year, I think in August. I was really happy, this was my second project of an aircraft that actually exist in real life AND I got invited to work with a group that has all the data needed to make this airplane (provided by Tangent Aircraft).
    Was fun building it. I wish I could do more details but the aircraft isn't built in real life so it's hard to make it detailed.
    Thanks goes to:
    - Steve Hatfield (for intorducing and adding me to this project)
    - Nick Kuiper (for help with the flightmodel)
    - Brian Carpenter, CEO of Tangent Aircraft (for all of the data needed to make this eye candy)
    - Hamish Hall-Smith (Hampster, for making the white paint)
    - Benedikt Samson (for making two paints for this airplane, the "N8112MX" and the "Swiss HB-2088")
    - Others participating in this project
    This aircraft some more eye candy than before (was a plane-maker only project).
    *v10 version included!!
    Little video I put up together as a teaser a while ago (if you don't like electronic music at 150bpm, turn the volume down):

    Rate & Comment! Any comment much appreciated!




  2. MX Aircraft 2

    It's been almost half of a year since I released the Cassutt Racer. It's time for something new! It's time for... MX Aircraft 2!
    From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia:
    The MX2 was based on the Giles G-202 aerobatic trainer, the first prototype was a modified G-202 and first flew in May 2002. The first aircraft of the initial production batch of five first flew in May 2005. The MX2 is a carbon-fibre low wing cantilever monoplane with full span ailerons and a conventional landing gear with a tailwheel. It has an enclosed cockpit for two in tandem on recling seats and a single piece canopy. The MX2 is powered by a 260 hp (194 kW) Lycoming IO-540 flat-six piston engine with a three-blade tractor propeller. Optimised for aerobatic speed and agility the MX2 can pull a G-load of plus and minus 12 Gs, giving it tight turns and loops and a range of aerobatic maneuvers.
    Promo Video 1 (more to come):

    This project started a few months after the Cassutt. I abandoned it soon after I saw that I won't be able to pull that project off.
    So, I posted it on the org forum as an unfinished airplane.
    After a while (a few months ago), I saw it abandoned in my Hangar - In Work folder.
    I decided to work on it again. So I started the work and I began enjoy building it. I had to re-build the wings, the control surfaces, the canopy, gear, nose of the aircraft and edit the body.
    It started to look really good, so I continued it. I published a topic on the org about the development of this aircraft which was labeled as [Freeware].
    I worked hard on it every day.
    I had quite some trouble finding a painter for this aircraft but then I remembered Hampster; he made the textures for the Cassutt Racer.
    He was in as soon as I asked him.
    So, time started to run, I got the Greg Pee livery within one week. It's been almost 3 weeks since then. I wanted to release the MX2 on the day I got the Greg Pee livery.
    But since Hampster didn't reply to any of my emails, I started to shape my own white paint.
    I believe that Hampster has some goodies in his "liveries" folder and as soon as I get them, I'll update the file with the liveries.
    For now, there are only three liveries:
    - White Paint (by me, Brent123)
    - MX2 Default (by Jack Wilette, UltimateFlyer)
    - Greg Pee (by Hamish Hall-Smith, Hampster)
    Let's go to the features of this aircraft:
    - Hi-Res textures
    - Custom Prop Disc
    - 3 Liveries
    - Detailed 3D Cockpit
    - Highly Detailed 3D Exterior Model
    - Custom Sounds
    - Normal Maps (mostly to hide the triangles on the model)
    - A side menu made with SASL (Checklist, Aerobations & Credits)
    There are two more acf files, one is v10 and the other one is "If You Dare".
    Tested in X-Plane 9.7, X-Plane 10.20+, 32bit & 64bit.
    The creation of this aircraft would not be possible if there weren't for these people:
    - Steve Hatfield (support, flight model development, betatesting)
    - Ilias Tselios (help with the cockpit, animations and SASL)
    - Jack Willette (for making the "Default MX2" Livery)
    - Hamish Hall-Smith (for making the "Greg Pee" livery)
    - Jordan Palmer, Nathan Powell & Sara Gomboc (betatesters)
    - Peter Tram, Oz Grinfeld & others (for support)
    I'm really excited about what you guys think about it!
    Please rate and comment!
    Remember: it won't make the aircraft better if you say that it sucks, neither will if you say this is a great airplane, 4*. I will fix all of the bugs that will appear.
    Enjoy it guys!




  3. Cassutt Racer

    Here's the quote from the org file:




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