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Here's the quote from the org file:


Finally, after 1 year and 2 months of work, the Cassutt Racer is released. It was a great project for me since it's my first real airlplane that I have modelled in X-Plane. I have had to start over four times, the fifth time, I have done it. I have finished this little plane.

This project has given me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things. Although, if you were not following the topic on the forums, you might think that I did it myself with a little help from the others,but, you are wrong; the whole community has helped me. As I wrote the problems I was experiencing making the plane, people have been helping me with all of the trouble. So, I feel the need to write the credits; Thanks goes to:

-Hampster, for making the textures for this plane

-Airfighter, for helping me a lot with the 3D cockpit when I had trouble

-Robert G., my stepfather for helping me understand aircrafts and helping me with whatever I needed

-Red, for the help with the first try of the model and with Blender

-Steve Hatfield, for beta testing, helping me with the problems and giving me hope not to give up

-Bargbill, for helping me with problems in the early stages of creating

-DesH, for beta testing and trying to recreate his plane (G-BOMB)

-JW Mills, for beta testing, supplying me with videos and resources and helping me improve the aircraft

-X-Plane 10 blog, for giving me the reviews

-Austin Meyer and Laminar Research for creating the best simulation of all times

-All of the moderators and admins on this forum for being the best mods and admins ever (strict, but that's why the forum is full of great people!)

-X-Plane community

I forgot the name of one more guy. He made me the airfoils and I can't find that PM where I asked him if he could make one for me. Please comment below for who made it! I am really sorry!

Being only 14 years old, it was hard to keep a normal relationship between school and X-Plane.

Now, onto the Cassutt:

Cassutt is a simple home-made airplane, designed by Tom Cassutt. It was competing in Reno Air Racing and Formula 1 Racing Aircraft. There are more variations of this airplane; Cassutt I, Cassutt II, Cassutt IIM and Cassutt III Racer (the one I made).

"Not two Cassutts are same." -JW Mills

You will find a checklist in the cockpit (only 2D for now). On the left hand side, you fill find two arrows facing up and down. Press the up arrow to see the checklist appear.

I could write a very complicated manual for this airplane, but there's no reason to complicate such as easy going aircraft as this.

The 3D cockpit is not completely functional (yet!).

2D cockpit included.

Tested in X-Plane 9.2, X-Plane 9.67, X-Plane 9.7 and X-Plane 10.10+.

All I'll say is "Enjoy!", "Thank you all!" and "Give me feedback!".

Happy Flying and Merry Christmas!

Matija Škerjanec


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