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Sundowner Upgrade

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Ladies and Gents,

After considering an upgrade to the Sundowner and Duchess for quite a while (as early as mid 2014), work has begun on a rather large update on these 2 aircraft.

This will have very little effect on the Citation as I am only dedicating about an hour or 2 per day to bringing this up to 2015/XP10 standards.

3D mesh, with the exception of the seats and maybe the flight controls, is being completely re-modeled and re-textured from scratch.  Almost all old mesh is being dumped.

Please note:  Due to the amount of work involved, this upgrade will incur a small fee.








Please, no critiques on the modelling.  It's obviously a work in progress.


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She's slowly coming together.  Mixing my time between this and the Citation.

What it WILL have is completely new mesh from top to bottom.

New textures.

Modified flight model.

New Garmin 430.

New manipulators.


What it (probably) won't have.

Scroll wheel manipulators.



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We've been dedicating a lot of time to Citation development, and it's an aircraft we really want to finish ASAP.  Because of this, I've found it quite difficult to find spare time to work on the Sundowner, but I can definitely say it WILL be done.  If I had to give you a definite completion date, I can safely say it will be done before the end of year.  Earlier than that?  Probably.  

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Update on the C23.

I've been trying to squeeze in as much time as I can to get this update out, and it's slowly coming together.  Seeing as the Citation is taking up most of my time.  

If all goes well, texturing will start some time this week.

So far, what's new:


Landing Gear



Panel (all of it, including gauges)

New doors that (finally) open and close

Flight model tweaks (including small engine adjustments)

Still considering a few other things, but I'll decide on those later.

Hopefully I can meet the end of year deadline I've given myself.



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We're carefully splitting our time between a few different areas.  Saab update, Citation work and the Sundowner upgrade.  

I've been trying to keep things organized, which is why we've been quiet.  

Thought I would post a couple of screenshots of the Sundowner progress.  Definitely getting there slowly.  Still going to dirty up the radios a bit.




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It appears this update stalled about 2 years ago?  I've been attempting to tweak the instrument panel by moving the Garmin 430, ADF and transponder to better match the plane I actually fly.  Using Planemaker I can see the instruments but I don't seem to see a way to move the location.  Any insight on how I can rearrange the avionics?


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