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Cessna 152


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Its about time we had one of these for X-Plane.

This was the first plane I ever flew and will be my first release. All of the modeling on the exterior is complete the nose gear just needs some tweaking. The cockpit is still a work in progress thats been taken on by another individual. This was the quickest plane I've built, just under 2 weeks in so far.

Here are a few screens, the textures are still being worked with. The aerobatics and float version will be made later on down the road.




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Looks fantastic! I cant wait to fly her! I have a multitude of photos on the 152 if you need anything, and a 1979 POH if you need anything.


P.S. Those are the strangest looking looking wheel covers i've ever seen!

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:) @ Jason: those are an an older style of fairings, I made the more modern wheel fairings also.

I love the look of the older fairings for some reason.  :D

Also thanks for the picture offers guys, I have the plane well covered with photos. Ill remember your offers if something comes up!

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No problem. I'm still working on bits of the fuselage and cockpit. The other day I went back and re mapped the fuselage over two maps instead of one. That makes panting all those rivets much easier. The cockpit has some animations started also. Ill Work on getting some new shots of the exterior soon; May is kind of a busy month.

Stay tuned :o.

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Looks very promising, it's one of the aircraft I'm training in.

In X-Plane I currently use XHangar's A152 version, though very good the interior is a bit outdated given the more recent technology. If this C152 will have a realistic flight model and an up do date fully functioning 3D cockpit, with all the gauges (don't forget about suction, keeps getting left out of to many models  ;)) and systems working it looks like I'll be updating to this one upon it's release. Looking great so far, I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.

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Expect nothing less in the cockpit. Still working on that part, and yes the suction gauge will be there! :)

Here are a few shots of the exterior some things are still untextured, and the wings and wheel farings sill need details here and there.






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Hey Airbus,

Will that tail skid protector be in the final version? I've never seen any 152 use such a bizarre looking piece of equipment!  :D

And if we are requesting liveries, I have an easy one I'd like to see come to fruition.

Looking awesome so far!  :)



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Ill give that livery a go also.

How different is it from the 152?

Not much really under the skin the big difference would be the engines.

There are a few cosmetic differences, on the Rimes 150 the engine cowling is different.

Early models also had a shorter dorsal fin; take a look at the pictures Wombat Boy and Jason posted. You can see the differences there.

Some 150 models were aerobatic models also which had a stronger airframe for higher gforces. The aerobatic models had sky windows.

The interiors are also different. Plus various upgrades by owners.

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