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Hello all, sorry for the lack of news but I had to stop the development of the systems due to health problems, now I feel a little bit better so here're two WIP photos that a beta tester sent us,

Doing some test maths with the (wip) PROGRESS page on left MCDU:   while checking at (wip) LEGS page on right MCDU:      

Posted Images

Hello Eddie,

not for V1.0 as we're working on features that we consider more important than others (just completed the custom external lights).

Instruments reflection will be included into one of the subsequent updates.

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Work with lights proceed, this time concerns the cockpit:

here you can see some screenshots regarding pilot and copilot fluorescent lights only, pilot and copilot incandescent lights only, all flood lights but the cockpit flood and alternate thunderstorm,

and last but not the least flood lights pilot + copilot + pedestal + central instrument panel + overhead.

As the spill lights are somewhat ‘heavy’ with the frame rate we’re still working about their optimization in order to keep the frame rate as high as possible.







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8 hours ago, Eddie said:

I see that's a grey cockpit as opposed to the more brownish one shown off in previous screenshots, does this mean we'll have the option to switch between different cockpit colours?

As mentioned by Alfamike, are provided two cockpit colors (brown-pink and blue).
Of course the colors are influenced by the graphic engine, the time of day, the shadows etc. of X-Plane.
In the case of Flood lights on the panel  pilot and co-pilot in the MD80 there are two types of lamps, white fluorescent, and incandescent white both driven separately for each side.

So in the case the fluorescent are turned on, the color tone of light is bluish-white, while in the case of incandescent tends to be a white-yellowish.

As Lights Spill these affect the color of the object on which they are directed.


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Two screenshots about the takeoff data card work in progress with rain and wind (with and w/o gusts):


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 19.34.19.jpg


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 19.36.08.jpg

MAC and ACT TOW values are shown at 0 because when I did the screenshots I didn't have used the load panel to specify pax, cargo and fuel so some computations weren't done yet.

Data cards are dynamically updated in real time.

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