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  1. I am also trying to be nice...I changed the picture for one that was smaller but apperently not small enough, so I will change it again, so let me ask again is this one better?
  2. Yes of course, sorry about that.
  3. You should consider giving out 2 cockpits: cockpit 1: standard MD-80 cockpit (MD-81 does not have the same one as the MD-88 so which version are you making?) cockpit 2: new DL cockpit (semi glass)
  4. Interesting...its very sad to see that the new generations have no respect for authority, on the other hand I am searching for those liveries to...
  5. Its sad that it won't be v9 compatible...oh well I will have to do like I'm doing with the A320NEO and convert it.
  6. Lets us pray for those involved in the boston bombing.

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