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Since I delivered NorCal to X-Aviation, I have been working on our next major release. This undisclosed area will be named as soon as NorCal is released. :) The new scenery is a major metropolitan area of the USA and uses much of the technology that went into Reno, Oahu, and NorCal, allowing for the very rapid development of scenery compared to the past. This new package was completed in just about 12 weeks!

The scenery is complete and ready for release, pending some fine-tuning that will be done over the next few days. Total area covered by this new package is 11,500 sq miles (30,000 sq kilometers)! Much of the area is very dense urban, but there are many small, rural GA airports as well.

Nearly 200 airports, all with runways, taxiways, and ramp areas aligned with the imagery, are included. Several of these airports feature regularly scheduled airline service, one of which is one of the worlds largest in terms of passenger volume.

Here are a few previews.








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Pretty !! How all that will look in XP10 ? Use 3D building or just photorealistic ?

Photorealistic for the time being. It will be like any other pack we sell in the Enhanced series.

We have discussed doing the upgrades to V10 and implement the technology, however, until Laminar finalizes and releases the spec we won't be doing so.

Either way, these products still are my favorite to fly in X-Plane 10 over the generic stuff. As much as I love the new lighting effects and objects, atmospheric scattering with HDR looks absolutely stunning with these RealScenery packs!

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