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Xplane freezes with the CL 650

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48 minutes ago, max4life said:

Get to altitude and the CL650 freezes Xplane, and its the only plane that causes Xplane to freeze,  It freezes xplane everytime try to fly it lately.

Please post a log.txt file after the crash (without reloading X-Plane).


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17 hours ago, Cam said:

I was having the same issue, and for me it was the custom mesh I was using from Alpilotx. I have removed them and it seems ok so far. I also disabled SAM in Traffic Global as suggested in another topic.

Thanks for your feedback, Cam. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

For me it doesn't freeze entirely, but drops to ~1 FPS when trying to cruise in the flight levels (flying at lower altitude in the same area didn't cause any issue). Seems though that only XP's main thread gets clogged, the displays still update.

I can reproduce it by loading at Nantucket (using the iBlueYonder scenery that was sold at X-A for a while, but seems to have gone from the store), climbing out and heading for the LGA VOR at FL340. Flying the other way from the main land towards Nantucket Island at 17,000' doesn't create any problem. This makes me wonder if it is perhaps triggered when a scenery with custom mesh is unloaded when leaving the area.

I also looked at the performance view in the plugin admin. When the issue starts, it's first X-Plane itself that goes up to ridiculously high frame times (~500,000us). Slowly the other plugins start following suit, until the Challenger reaches ~250,000us - I'm assuming this is rather a consequence of the first rather than the root cause.

I have tried with both, unlimited worker threads, and a limit of 24 (my sim rig has 16 physical / 32 virtual cores). On the ground I get between 50 and 60 FPS with the Challenger (using pretty high rendering settings). When the problem occurs, FPS drop to 1.1 - 1.3 FPS, driven by CPU time. Only one CPU core then is running under full load (and with boosted clock rate), the others are (pretty) idle and run with throttled clock rate. I let the system sitting for half an hour to see if it recovers by itself, but no luck, so I had to close X-Plane (I could initiate a normal shutdown through the menu, but its very tough to navigate the menu at 1 FPS).

I don't have the AlpilotX mesh, but of course a lot of airport sceneries bring their own tile nowadays. The only things I can try is the SAM integration for Traffic Global - must test that tomorrow (not sure what it was set to), and a worker limit below 16.


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