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X-Scenery MU2 v2.0 Progress Report 3 (General Update)

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On 6/9/2022 at 8:54 PM, tkyler said:

The sounds are finally coming along well.  I've been 'worried' about...and playing with the engine sounds for quite some time,  being that you can't just record a MU2 engine and handle all the possible ways a user may interact with the engine in a sim....and I've had to also learn FMOD along the way.  If you want to simulate "cranking" or a hot start, or a shutdown, or a slow start,  you have to accomodate the engine RPM at any given time and for any given duration.  This means you need a relatively complex "looping" setup of sounds that only play when their "physical source" is in play.  You don't find many videos of MU2s of cranking....or owners willing to 'crank' their engine several times for you and kill their battery while you record sounds.   You may recall X-Plane firing up a turbine and playing the "lightoff" sound even if the engine doesn't lightoff.  That's unacceptable to me. ....so the challenge has been to mix and synthesize the various components of the engine sounds to try and recreate the real thing.  Well the engine is finally starting to sound realistic IMO...not perfect but not bad.....and the better it gets, the more I keep playing with it and why things keep dragging out.  That being said, I think the wait will be worth it.  I can honestly say that after 17 years from the first time I started building the MU2 for X-Plane....its finally shaping up to be the simulation I wanted it to me.  Check out the engine sounds WIP video below.


wow oh wow...It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

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another quick weekend report.   Still working the sounds.   I'm past the difficult (engine) part.  Check the link on page 1 (my June 9 post)  if you haven't already done so.  Now its strictly just the quantity of sounds to increase immersion.  The unfeather pump for example.  When the prop reaches its limit, then this loads the electric pump more and the sound of the pump changes...case in point:


...also, tire screech, runway / taxi roll...etc.  I should wrap up sounds pretty quick....and afterwards, I move into final quality control..re-read/amend the docs, go down the final punchlist, start packaging files for distribution, etc.


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If you need someone to assist you with the quality control, feel free to DM me. I've got experience in QA (both in general as well as in Flight Sim add-ons) and the MU-2B V1. Be it the model itself, of proof-reading the documentation.

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