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  1. Thx Litjan. I understand it is not a "Must have"...
  2. iXEG 737 Classic... Been looking at some videos. I noticed that when an engine fails inflight, or is shutdown, the readings on N1 and N2 drop to 0, there being no windmill effects ? Is the iXEG turbine model using the default XP10 turbine simulation ? I thought it used an external model ?
  3. Just a side note. As Austin had told me yesterday, the just released 10.50r3 has also restored METAR D/L. Not sure about the wind & turbulence GRIBs...
  4. Until 2019 both formats will co-exist. From there on, xml only. Anyway, this info pertains to the GTS ( WMO ) and I guess NOAA just makes it available to the public by "courtesy". I don't know what NOAA's plans are for this particular service. I'll try to find more and post here next week.
  5. Well, I work at the Portuguese MetOffice ( @ LPPT ) who is the Portuguese member of WMO / ICAO for Aviation Weather. The info is based on the official WMO GTS circuits ( and other ) we use here for our mission. I do not know if NOAA will make available the xml version in the future, but their "Best Practices" document in the following link gives some hints: https://www.aviationweather.gov/dataserver/bestpractices
  6. Further to this, I would like to add: 1) Austin confirmed adding the new servers to the next 10.50 update; 2) Starting January 2017, all METAR ( WMO - GTS ) dissemination will be text and xml based; 3) Starting January 2019, only xml based dissemination will be available ( WMO - GTS ). So, weather injector developers should start playing with the future syntax and query system, described at one of the links I posted above :-)
  7. The download is apparently still possible from the altrenate URL: http://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/data/observations/metar/cycles/
  8. http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/notification/tin14-55ncep_ftp.txt and of course: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/dm-cgi-bin/chgshow.pl?fn=DM051602.txt
  9. One question - will it be METAR based only? Because it is there that lays most of the limitation in XP weather depiction, specially in Europe where it is very common to find the sector altitude not higher than a mere 5,000 feet... Storms / TS, specially when embeded, are usually another aspect where XPX is very poor compared to FSX / P3D, specially when ASN is used... And... let's not forget: Synoptic scale is required for good blending of data, not only winds and temp aloft, but also cloud cover. ASN for instance uses, through it's own server and processing network, this kind of
  10. Cameron, this is really GOOD NEWS! As a long time user of AS products, and also long time member of the Active Sky beta team, I look forward to try this add-on :-) I'll do it also in the perspective of my real life work, at the Portuguese Metoffice ( LPPT ), just as I did with AS products which are, by far, the best available for the MSFS platform. Maybe we can finally have in X-plane 10 what I've been missing for a long time ... On my recent return to XPX, to test the results of the "torque bug fix", I even decided to buy SMP again - now on v3 ...
  11. Just a THUMBS Up regarding the use of the REMARKABLE LES dc-3 with the new beta, which includes the first torque bug fix. I used the dc-3 with very good results. First flights were made with the standard dc-3, and then I opened and saved it in Plane-Maker, and again, good results were the outcome ( I actually didn't find any difference before and after opening the aircraft in Plane Maker ... ). This aircraft was the ** only ** XP10 add-on which never really gave me big problems with the torque bug, but now I believe it feels even better. There is probably something that is also diffe
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