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[Closed - External error] X-Plane just freezes - forever


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I really tried hard to check everything I could imagine, but in the end it seems as if the CL650 hat two major problems that make it more or less useless for me:

1. I have "the problem" with the flickering of AviTab, registration plate in the cockpit & on the tail, the displays in the cockpit and the popout of the displays in the cockpit. This is so annoying that it is no fun to fly under these conditions. I do not have this problem with the ToLiss A321, Zebo and every other plane in X-Plane. Yes. I have a AMD RX 6700 XT... So or so: I would like to understand why CL650 has this problem (and is pointing towards AMD) and X-Plane stock aircrafts, Zibo and ToLiss do not have it.

2. X-Plane crashes for me on almost every flight with the CL650. Precizely it just hangs. The picture freezes but sounds continue to play and even some code of the CL650 seems to be still running (log entries occur after the freeze) (X-Plane log and CL650 log attached).

And this is about the last (the second) bug.
I removed nearly every plugin (plugin folder content attached as a screenshot).
I deleted the AI planes.
I did not touch ingame ATC.

I did not remove the scenery - this will require a full reinstallation of X-Plane. I will do this if this "solves" the problem but it will require an enormous ammount of time.
I did not rollback the drivers - and will not do because I have other software relying on current drivers.

If there is anything else I can do to help you helping me, just write. THX!

Update 1: The freezing happens while actively operating the plane but also if just watching doing nothing or even having the simulator running in the background.


Log_Crash_01.txt Log_Crash_02.txt Log_Crash_03.txt CL650_Log.txt



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Added scenery screenshot.
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Hitstart products make heavy use of multi threading and graphics driver features that other products do not use.

The products you are comparing to do not use these features. Your comparison is only skin deep. 

Both of your issues are probably fixable by using xplane in opengl mode. You probably aren't willing to do this because of fps drop. 

The root cause of the issue is the AMD drivers. 

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Posted (edited)

@Ben Russell, that the products use features that others do not use - well, that is okay. As long as the features work. If Hotstart explicitly produces its products for NVIDIA, then they should mark them appropriate. - I could have saved 115 EUR. ;-) Otherwise I have to ensure that the products work on my customers hard- and software. If they already know that their products do not run sufficient on some common kind of standard hardware, they should explicitly warn upcoming customers. Otherwise they get angry customers...

If I can set some flags in the software (trace logging?), please tell me. In my own interest I will try to help. The bird is amazing - if it does not "crash" and flicker...

Your assumptions about opengl and me are correct ;-) Hopefully the AMD drivers will be fixed in the near future...

EDIT: I already communicated with the x-plane developers about the flickering. They said that they are working on some (2?) bugfixes regarding flickering together with AMD. Hopefully they will succeed soon...

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  • ois650 changed the title to [Closed - External error] X-Plane just freezes - forever

Try removing all third party plugins, including those in scenery (e.g. GroundTraffic), to see if you can get a “clean” crash. Unfortunately there’s all manner of reasons X-Plane can cease to function, including many of its own making.

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Posted (edited)

@oisin650, I know that this scenario is hard - I am working as a software architect and developer myself. So do you have any other possibilities to find out what is going on? Xplane only freezes if flying the CL650... - I will test it with opengl in about two weeks.

@Pils, If I will do that and it still crashes (what it will do), you will ask me to reinstall a clean copy of x-plane and try it there - so I guess I will just jump over this directly to the reinstallation with a blank x-plane and the CL650 - in about two weeks.


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