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QRH needed


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An excellent job. Awesome. Congratulations. Especially the faults section.

But this section is ABSOLUTELY UNUSABLE if we don't have a QRH. Or something similar. It's just USELESS without abnormal and emergency procedures. 

We're just left to have fun when the birds hit the windshield (knowing they're not real birds). Too much money (for me) and too much work (for you) if you don't provide the minimum necessary documentation, if so, I regret buying this product.

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On 1/26/2022 at 7:51 PM, betooo said:

Thanks for your replay. 

There is nothing there anymore. I keep thinking the same. It is the developer's responsibility to provide the necessary material. It's a shame but I spend $115 to have some fun. It's a shame. Nothing serious.

The manufacturer’s abnormal and emergency QRH is over 300 pages. It’s not really practical for a solo developer like Hot Start to reproduce that, and would be potentially illegal regardless.

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