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Closing the fuel door...

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During the walk around inspection of the plane, I opened the fuel trap door by the wing and was unable to close it afterwards.
It would move to the shut position, but would re-open by itself.
Tried various things, was able to open and close other panels such as the fuel control panel above the wing next to the refuel port but that door just refused to stay closed.

What am I doing wrong?

This plane is full of wonders and I'm just picking up my jaw from the tarmac often as I discover these little gems.



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Yes it would not let me.  The moment I release the mouse to be able to click on the latches - it opens back up (as it if was on springs) before I get a chance to click on the latches to secure it.   Usually the door stays closed when I release the mouse, then I can click on the latches (as with the other panels).
I should note I've exited x-plane and re-started and it's not doing that anymore (stays put when closed so I can click on the latches).

Unsure why it did that before and only that one panel (all the others were fine).



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Update: After more testing, and it happening again, it looks like it's because the fuel truck is on standby - so perhaps there's a hidden hose or a connection pending which is why the latch won't close (as it did it again).  Get rid of the fuel truck, and it works without issue.  Fuel truck present - I run into this.
Will continue to report back my findings.

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I just imagine the pilot and the fueler fighting over the fuel port door. Fueler opens it and walks back to the truck, the pilot closes the door and walks away, the fueler looks back and sees it closed, and walks back over to open it. Rinse and repeat. Fueler radios into base, "the door on the fuel port of this challenger wont stay open, it's like it's spring loaded!" Let the fueler do his job, he'll close the door when he's done!

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