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Hi Philipp,

XPUIPC issues should be fixed in version 1.1. - but I have still crashes if I try to use XPUIPC.

Regards Tom

A quick read through this forum will tell you that the CRJ supports the existence of XPUIPC and some of it's functions at this time. However, XPUIPC is still known to cause crashes when active with the CRJ. The developer of XPUIPC is closely working with us to resolve this issue.

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We are in contact with the developers that uses XPUIPC on their addoms, because Philipp fixed the main use of XPUIPC but not is possible to fix the uses that other vendors take from the XPUIPC without making them the modifications inside their plugins.

So this is a issue, external developers has to work with us to make those problematic addoms work with the CRJ. If there is no contact with that developer or has dissappear, then we cannot do anything about it, not having the source code of those plugins.

For now, the only solution is not use at the same time those problematic plugins with the CRJ, in same session.

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Hi Javier, what do you mean with other problematic software - in my case it is only the xpuipc plugin in the plugin folder - outside of xplane on another computer is the app running which uses the xpuipc plugin. In my case it is only a relationship between crj and xpuipc.

- Or do you mean other plugins which does not have anything to do with xpuipc which are present in the plugin folder?

for you to know since the plugin generation of peter hagers A380 same trouble there with xpuipc.

and yes only solution by now is not to use it. - maybe difficult for home cokpit builders.

regards tom

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Well Philipp knows more than me about the problems with the XPUIPC plugin.. But he said that he fixed the problems with only use of the XPUIPC..... but other software that maybe uses (or hardware) that plugin then we have to be in contact with the developers to fix it.

Well.. as said.. Philipp knows more about this and as soon as we find a way with developers of hardware or software that uses the XPUIPC then we will work (now we are working with some developers... or trying to...) with them to fix the problems of compatibility.

But this is an slow process. Some developers disappears... others don't reply........

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What Javier means is that while the CRJ used to crash with just XPUIPC sitting in the plugins folder, now it only crashes if you actually connect to XPUIPC from an app rather than it just sitting there.

So dead XPUIPC = ok

Using XPUIPC = crash

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ps. But this plugin does not work if the other app runs on a second computer - right?!

I only use it with FSMap.

No... no... this plugin is a catcher of values from xplane variables that you define... and only by network you will connect with it...

It works with the IOCP protocol and is compatible with SIOC and IOCARDS from opencockpits.

The secret is the IOCP protocol and the way like the softwares that use this protocol, like FSUIPC and XPUIPC.

The connection is granted by 8090 or 8092 port of TCP.

The number of connection can be set in a conf file.

You must read the document in the zip file and  learning more about the settings. Settings form file are simple and fast to set. basicaly is the number of connection, that means the number of client that will connect to the server. Latency of response, means number of catching of values the will be done in a same loop, and debug ...

enjoy and have fun. rsrsrsr

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