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  1. Hi friends, I am here to talk about how projects like Xslingload and Xtrident did a plugin to put objects in scenery dynamically and hook them to lift as an slung load in helicopters.... I am trying to do this and I don't know how to connect an object as a slung-load without click on weight and balance menu, I want to do every task by script... it is another question, I want to use Gizmo in my entire project, for now I have a upgrade project to make BK117 more interesting then it is now. I have a electrical, hydraulic and fuel system completely remodeled, I made some blade slap sound effects, and put all objects to be managed by liveries not by different acf file. I downloaded a excellent hoist to put in this superb helicopter and made some modifications to initiate my new script, a code to load objects (a slung paramedic alone, a paramedic with a victim, a doolie with a victim, etc) now I will do my question... How can I load this object and attach it to slung-load and change if necessary? remember, I want to use gizmo, only gizmo, and my project is non commercial and is thought to equip a home cockpit so I cant use xslingload, I will use datarefs to change behavior not clicks in menus... When a interaction is necessary this will be done by panel made in Sin Inovation Air manager running in a tablet. thank you all for collaboration, Thiengo.
  2. thanks Ben... Community, I bought an Air Manager copy and it is a grate application.... A very easy and interesting feature is a database of instruments where lot of instruments are shared and can be downloaded directly from the app... easy to share, easy to download and easy to install.... and you can modify the aspect ratio easily too, so you can adjust your project to virtually any monitor screen size...
  3. I have tons of addons that disappointed me too... today I work in plugins to manipulate what the product isn't... some times I can overwrite original behavior some times don't. I am tired to ask for more real systems... every developer say to me I am a 0,01% fraction of consumers... and is not interesting to do a lot of work to made a home use sim.... Recently I was banned from a forum of a free helicopter because I insisted to solve a bug and when nothing was made, I wrote a script to turn original code and manipulate a new behavior... The developer cant work in a product anymore and I do not have a right to update nothing.... Other common developer phrase is about shared datarefs.... they programing everything in compiled and proprietary plugins and do not share the datarefs to be manipulated from other plugins or scripts... I am a cockpit builder and when I look for a product first of all is the level of systems, second is the flight dynamic and third is the manipulation of datarefs for hardware design.... it is the flight simulator market nowadays... We need more initiative from the community to work together in a product with LEVEL D features... free....open source..... I am doing a call to work in this.... let's do it community..... sorry my english....and the comma use LOL
  4. Hi Ben, Can you help me with a SASL and SLAVA version to run in xplane 10 64bit? My slava can not connect with SASL server.... and some guys told me it is version problem..... please... thanks..
  5. I am reading this old post and I want to note that problem do not occurred again, may be that a video card driver update must be solved the problem... thanks, keep flying. lol
  6. Fantastic... I know, in the past I pushed all with this things... Since the versions 1.0 I am a CRJ200 pilot, and a commercial pilot in real life. I am Listening that the developers have plans to do the CRJ200 more realistic, I am very happy with it... I ever said in here... The CRJ200 has everything to be a study plataform to real pilot and challenging "simers". The X-plane is a flight simulator aproved by FAA to be implemented in flight schools to rating the pilots in Instrument Flight Rules. To fly the CRJ200 bring us a amazing sensation of cockpit work load, but to do this better then now, more systems must to be implemented and the work are being done. Great job folks.....
  7. Hi David, When on VR pull to 10 degrees of pitch and wait to lift off, after, at positive rate of climb retract gear... if you will take-off with FD on, dont forget to activate half bank... after take-off maintain V2 +15 and pitch of 20 degrees maximum (wichever is less)... At 600ft agl AP on... from here flap retractions and acelerate to 200kias... at VT deselect half bank from AP/FD... Flap 8/UP after takeoff check... climb with 200KIAS till 3000ft then acelerate to 250 till 10000ft. When VR bring the pitch to 10degrees and stand... gently always.... have fun.....
  8. enjoy... Flight Planning.xls.zip
  9. Amazing work. Turn the FMS more realistic is a big step to improve reality for the CRJ200... Collins FMS 4200 - Manuals How wants send me a email, I can not share this document (tiago@thiengo.com) Maybe a help to understand the CRJ's CDU implanted...
  10. When will the CRJ200's developers modify red lines on the manual to black lines? I want to see other systems implemented...

  11. sorry, now a adjust the album's visibility.... public only if you have the link....i guess it is ok
  12. Pictures captured in many moments https://picasaweb.google.com/thiengo.com/XplaneHelp?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  13. Augh!!!!!! I have to buy another graphic card.... with pixel shaders off the simulator is a shit.... ...and Continue the fog...
  14. Now i understand... it's a self defense tactical from x-plane to poor costumer. lol My graphic card doesn't support the amount of objects and do this to dont sacrifice the simulation. Thanks to all..... really thanks.
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