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T / O: "Config" alarm despite everything


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Hello, I am following the checklist and I am thinking of doing the entire T / O procedure and despite everything when I start taxiing I have the "Config" alarm which sounds but I do not know why.

I recorded this phase by video ((watch in 1080), it lasts 1 minutes : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vrrVf54BuAyCFPJY_AOEzi2dw_saxwgM/view?usp=sharing

If anyone could help me that would be really nice. Thanks in advance.

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Just a quick guess on my part, but it looks like you have flaps 7 selected.  I believe flaps 7 takeoffs are not approved for Saabs....they can either be flaps 0 or 15.  That might be triggering your CONFIG alarm.


EDIT:  Sorry, please disregard.  I tried a quick test on my end and flaps 7 did not trigger the config alarm.  Must be something else that I'm missing.  Hopefully someone else will be able to assist you.

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