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Saving/getting back custom views after version update


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21 minutes ago, SupraJari said:

I have custom view saved for every numpad key, but I lose them everytime Saab is updated. Is there a way to save and get those views back after update? Yep, I can do them again, but I'm very happy with my current setup and would like to "save" it.


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In each of your S340a aircraft subfolders (Airborne, Cargo, Passenger), there is a *_prefs.txt file. Your view assignments get saved to those files. So after setting up your views and exiting XP, copy those 3 files somewhere safe, e.g. Desktop. Then, following an update, you can copy them back to the aircraft sub-folders, overwriting the defaults if necessary.

If any (future) update changes the aircraft CG, then I believe you would need to re-assign the views. That's an X Plane thing.

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The easiest way (quick and dirty) is to make a copy of your LES_Saab_340A_prefs and LES_Saab_340A_Cargo_prefs found in your X-aviation  Saab 340A / Passanger Variant or Cargo Variant folders before updating...

After updating just copy and paste back to these folders.

Hope this helps you.

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