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  1. I haven't yet tried the Airborne variant under 1.6.5. However, I just checked my scripts folder for that variant and can confirm it too is empty. Cargo and Passenger variant script folders are fully populated.
  2. Same here. Just completed a very enjoyable and issue-free flight from Hua Hin to Khon Khaen. Just a heads up for anyone concerned that they cannot set the power levers below flight idle when cold and dark (this can happen if your controller's throttle setting is initially above the flight idle position, or you inadvertently move it above flight idle)..... Relax, don't worry. It all sorts itself out once the batteries come on .
  3. In each of your S340a aircraft subfolders (Airborne, Cargo, Passenger), there is a *_prefs.txt file. Your view assignments get saved to those files. So after setting up your views and exiting XP, copy those 3 files somewhere safe, e.g. Desktop. Then, following an update, you can copy them back to the aircraft sub-folders, overwriting the defaults if necessary. If any (future) update changes the aircraft CG, then I believe you would need to re-assign the views. That's an X Plane thing.
  4. Re 1. Looks like it was a 'running in' issue. Tried again today and the pump cut in as expected on a C&D start. Re 2. I'm on Windows 10 and Vulcan. But I don't think that is relevant in this case. I checked further today and both the Passenger and Cargo variants display the digital temperature readings for both engines correctly. Only the Airborne variant has this (missing texture?) issue. Screenshot attached.
  5. Very happy with the update. I took the Airborne Variant out for a spin and noticed a couple of minor things. 1. Switching on External Power did not result in the expected hydraulic pump kick-in. However, once the aircraft was fully up and running, the pump did auto-switch according to the hydraulic pressure. Don't know yet if the passenger and cargo models exhibit the same behaviour, nor if this is a bug or a deliberately re-modelled feature. 2. Only the Engine #2 ITT gauge has the digital display working; for Engine #1 the digital temperature display is blank.
  6. Apart from a corrupted installation or plug-in conflict, the only other thing I can think of is a door not sealed properly.
  7. Thanks for the tip. That gives me my normal brake function again. I just have to use the mouse to engage the parking brake.
  8. I am really enjoying flying this bird with the new updates. However, I am encountering a couple of issues. 1. Brakes. In all other planes I own, mapping my joystick trigger to Hold Brakes Regular works fine for normal braking. I saw that Hold Brake commands were now implemented in 1.6.1 but the Hold Brakes Regular command does nothing. I searched for a possible new 'les....' command but couldn't see anything (maybe my eyes, LOL). Also, I have a button mapped to Toggle Brakes Maximum which, again for nearly all other aircraft will engage / release the parking brake. On the 340A, it will release the parking brake if already set, but will not set it. So can someone please advise which (new?) commands I need to assign to my joystick trigger and button, in order to apply normal braking and set / release the parking brake? 2. For some reason, the ability to adjust rudder trim seems to have disappeared with this update. My joystick button assignment looks to be working correctly in that I can see the Yaw trim lever moving left or right as commanded. However, the actual trim, as indicated on the instrument panel, no longer changes. Worked fine in v1.6.
  9. For Better Pushback to work correctly, it seems you need to turn on Nosewheel steering; otherwise it pushes back straight and never stops.
  10. I just completed a flight and the Climb function worked for me. Note, I selected climb by simply mouse-clicking the Climb button on the mcp. If you are trying to use a joystick / TQ button or keyboard assignment, anything configured under the previous version will likely need to be re-assigned (search for ''les'' rather than 'LES' when looking for the commands). Edit, perhaps I have misinterpreted your post. I can only confirm the INITIAL Climb command worked (setting pitch to match target speed), since I transitioned to a different climb mode rather than trying to select the Climb M or Climb L settings.
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