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Mac OS Big Sur and X Plane

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I'm waiting to see if anyone has had problems with the new OS Big Sur for iMacs and X Plane. For example any issues with running the Metal drivers on the airlines (Zibo 737, Tolisse A319, etc.

My system is working good right now with Catalina 10.15.7; can run the Zibo 738 with Metal driver without an issue. Haven't flown to KSFO which for some reason requires the Metal drivers.

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Recently got a new Intel iMac, and have kept it on the Catalina OS it was delivered with.  I put Big Sur on my laptop, but that doesn't have any difficult programs on it, so nothing untoward would be noticed.    X-Plane runs nicely on the iMac, as does everything else I have, so I'm going to wait a bit before pulling the trigger on Big Sur.  What is undoubtedly going to be amazing is the next generation of desktops with M? chips in them - but Apple did say it won't be for a while, and I couldn't just wait.  I also wanted to have Boot Camp, but there would not seem to be any indication that something like that will be available on Apple silicon.   I would expect the M2 or M3 generation of these chips to be in their top of the line desktops.  Some of the results on these new M1 laptops are amazing, and they don't have any discreet graphic cards!  I'm just waiting to see some enterprising experimenter try X-Plane on a new M1 MacBook Pro!  

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