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  1. I'm waiting to see if anyone has had problems with the new OS Big Sur for iMacs and X Plane. For example any issues with running the Metal drivers on the airlines (Zibo 737, Tolisse A319, etc. My system is working good right now with Catalina 10.15.7; can run the Zibo 738 with Metal driver without an issue. Haven't flown to KSFO which for some reason requires the Metal drivers.
  2. With my iMac which is an new computer with Radeon Pro Vega 8GB and a 1TB SSD drive and 64 GB of Ram, I was getting 20-3- fps, with the graphics setting almost at the max. So when I installed these two plugins I thought my fps would tank. Nope. Getting 35 to 50 fps now. I almost don't believe it.
  3. expplane

    TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 4

    I hope your implementation of the G 1000 is close to that of the default, such as on the Cirrus Vision. I just downloaded and flew the Carenado Sr-22 and as in the other plane from that developer I will not fly it again or buy another Carenado plane. It is a pathetic implementation. I have 7000 hours both teaching and flying charter as well as building from plans a MustangII. Flew it for 20 years and 1500 hours, 4 times to Oshkosh (Airventure), once to Sun-N-Fun and many fly-ins around the country. It was IFR and night approved and I have 100's of hours in IMC. So I feel I have a good understa
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