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  1. With my iMac which is an new computer with Radeon Pro Vega 8GB and a 1TB SSD drive and 64 GB of Ram, I was getting 20-3- fps, with the graphics setting almost at the max. So when I installed these two plugins I thought my fps would tank. Nope. Getting 35 to 50 fps now. I almost don't believe it.
  2. expplane

    TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 4

    I hope your implementation of the G 1000 is close to that of the default, such as on the Cirrus Vision. I just downloaded and flew the Carenado Sr-22 and as in the other plane from that developer I will not fly it again or buy another Carenado plane. It is a pathetic implementation. I have 7000 hours both teaching and flying charter as well as building from plans a MustangII. Flew it for 20 years and 1500 hours, 4 times to Oshkosh (Airventure), once to Sun-N-Fun and many fly-ins around the country. It was IFR and night approved and I have 100's of hours in IMC. So I feel I have a good understanding of light aircraft. Also I took a Bi-annual in a SR-22 and loved it. Please don't screw up the implementation of the wonderful aircraft.
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