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Gizmo error trying to insert a speed restriction on the FMC

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I've searched the forum without results, so I hope this is not a duplicate report.

When I insert a speed restriction I get an error:

G64: error: Callback_Dref_Hooked_setDataf: cdu1_lsk_3R_OnWrite: [string "ixeg.733.fmc.legs.lua.ra1"]:950: attempt to index local 'altInput' (a boolean value)

After the error is raised, it seems it can be ignored and the simulations seems not affected.

The installation used is stock with only gizmo and the IXEG 737.

Let me know if you need more info.


B733 - 2020-10-14 16.15.59.png


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32 minutes ago, Litjan said:

very sorry that you encountered this problem! We will try to recreate it and hopefully fix it soon. Thanks for your report!

No need to excuse yourself Jan, software without bugs simply does not exists. :D

By the way, the issue is reproducible, at least on my RIG.


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