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My First CTD with 11.50 Beta


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After almost 3 months or so flying with 11.50bX without one of the dreaded CTD's (which I did get occasionally before) I "finally" had my 1st CTD yesterday (11.50b13, TBM 1.1.12).

The addons which were running at the time are the same that always run. No traffic (AI, real world, etc.). No custom scenery whatsoever.

Note: this is not one of the "something overwrote our exception handler" crashes.

Curiously the last line before the


was a line

G64:  warn: IPC Message from SASL

Could this be related to Gizmo? (I am running the beta of Gizmo)

Please consider this as just another data point in probably figuring out the reasons for the CTD people experience every now and then. (I have already gone through the usual moves of trying to eliminate the culprits in the past without success, and honestly these CTD's don't bother me too much as they rather infrequent.)

Keep the good work going. :-)


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