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FS Global Real Weather Unhandled Eexcption

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Might want to post this on the developer's support forum: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fsgrw/index.php

Offhand though, it looks like there is a space after "data" in the path it's displaying. That seems odd, and might explain why it can't find where your configuration file is. I don't remember if you need to enter the path to the X-Plane data directory as part of setting up FSGRW, but if so, I'd remove the extra space after that path.

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This gentleman finally set me up straight.


Good morning,

Our company is called PILOT'S and our software is called FS Global Real Weather. Your screenshot now shows a product made by Sundog Software that interacts with our software when used in conjunction with SkyMaxx Pro, a cloud and sky replacement engine.

Did you manage to install, setup and run FS Global Real Weather?



It has nothing to do with real weather connector.

Thank you Sundog for all of your help. you were right.

Now I am going to figure out the mystery of the software I did not installed. 


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