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need help


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respected simmers and developer

yester day i bought 737 there are some Q 1 how do i know which ver am having and how to update it

2- when i use the aircraft without winglet am able to operate logolight and logolight gets illumined, but as soon as i use winglet i get a  INOEP sticker under logo swich and not able to get logo light

illuminated .is it a bug or iam doing some thing wrong

can help me out

attaching photos

Untitled 3.png

Untitled 4.png

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Well it's modeling the real world behavior where the spot lights to illuminate the logo are situated in the little tails at the end of the wing.

Since the winglets replace those you cannot have both logo lights and winglets at the same time (IRL and IXEG).

Also 737-300s leaving the factory did not have winglets and when retrofitting them they (usually?) keep the switches as they were and just stick an INOP sticker on them. So IXEG is following real world practice here.

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IIRC the version is displayed at the bottom of the window that slides in when you move your cursor to the left of the screen.

If you've just downloaded it you should have the latest version and you usually get an email if an update is available.

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These lights will activate when you pass over the respective marker beacon (white= inner, orange = middle, blue= outer).

These markers are becoming very rare in the real world - they are supposed to alert the pilot to a certain phase of the approach, but are now being replaced by DME or RNAV positional indications.

In the real cockpit you can test them by pushing the buttons itself - but we have not implemented that.

If you want to see them work, you can fly the ILS 04R at KBOS - it still has OM, MM and IM beacons!



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