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  1. Cannot use SMP with VR

    H all....I just upgraded my system mobo and cpu (CoffeLake) and up to Windows 10 pro. Everything runs great after lots of 'tuning' but once I use VR, SMP has a major bug. All the clouds move with my head and don't stay where they should! I don't remember that at all in my former, it's either an xplane bug or something to do with my new setup. Any help is well appreciated..I do miss using SMP!!!! Attached is my log.tx Thanks in advance. (Love your products!) Log.txt
  2. love the product immensely It would be nice if you could click on the FMC and open it. Thanks Pete
  3. New Setup

    Hi everyone, Not new to flightsim but am new to Xplane. I am setting up a new system and would like to use X Plane 11 combined with a Dash 8 Q400. I wanted to use Majestic's version but understand Majestic have not developed one yet. Shame on them!!!!! I am hovering (pardon the pun) between vr and other and my real ambition is to produce the most immersion I can get. So will want to use latest addons for weather, scenery etc etc. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks
  4. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and sorry if i have placed this query in wrong category. My question is --> if for given flight - i know it's weight, V1 and Vr speed then is possible to calculate stopping distance of flight. I know people use some table but i'm looking for mathematical formula so that i can do it for any aircraft ? Also I'm new toaviationdomain so don't have much knowledge also. Thanks, manisha