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  1. Yeah, you can't model an asymmetric fuselage in PM. But you can get "close enough" then model whatever you want in the OBJ. Asymmetric wings could be done with misc. wings easily enough though. I was going to give the Boomerang a go myself, until I heard VSkyLabs is already on it.
  2. My first fully developed aircraft from scratch. I started this project in March as a means to teach myself X-Plane 11 aircraft development. I've learned a lot along the way. Features: - An entertaining POH. - Very VR friendly features, including one of the first X-Plane 11.50+ aircraft to feature direct exterior manipulation of control surfaces for an immersive pre-flight walk-through in VR. (Vulkan required). - Hand pulling the prop from the outside of the aircraft is required to start (Vulkan required) - Hand cranked magneto to generate the pre-start spark. - Accurate depiction and animation of cockpit control rigging. - Fully animated Spandau LMG 08/15 machine guns. Each gun operates per the original WWI versions of these weapons. They can be fire individually, or in combination, and the barrels will begin to glow if fired too long and will fail if you completely overheat them. The guns will also jam if operated improperly. - The first fully animated handlebar moustache in X-Plane 11. Quick start guide. - Turn on the fuel valve (red handle on the lower right) - Turn on magento switch (silver switch on left) - Crank the black magneto generator 11-12 times. - Mixture full rich (it's backward so pull fully toward you) - Go to an exterior view and pull down the prop near the left side of the prop hub. it may not start the first few pulls so keep trying. 221786207_FokkerDr1.zip
  3. OK. So I modified the mesh as specified, and attempted my first insert. The insert utility ran with no error messages but a modified ACF file was not generated. Update: If I only extract the mesh, import the obj, modify, export and insert the utility worked well. I had originally imported the wavefront.obj into a blender file with a full aircraft model to use to move the vertices, even after deleting the original aircraft, the resulting wavefront.obj export file caused failures with the insert executable. I'm now trying to figure out the work flow that allows me to trace a blender model and still get a good export.
  4. If you have ever had to add an AVITAB to an aircraft, you know what a hassle it is to append the manipulators to an existing cockpit.obj, and that's assuming you created the object and manipulators so that they are placed exactly where they need to be within the aircraft's cockpit. With KITBASH 2.0, you can create an 0,0,0 origin instrument OBJ and a corresponding (non-animated) manipulator OBJ. You can then place the instrument OBJ anywhere you want in any aircraft with Planemaker. You then run KITBASH 2.0, which finds the object in the ACF file, applies the necessary 3D rotational transformation to each vertex of the manipulator OBJ and appends that new information to the existing aircraft cockpit object. Detailed instructions are in the repository. https://github.com/JemmaStudios/KitBash_2
  5. What plugin are you referring to?
  6. I'm finally able to put these tool to use and can instantly tell they are game changing. I'm super excited about this!
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