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  1. I noticed that all my checklists show the state “started”, when I hit “ESC” to go back one level, even though I completed all items on each list (“checklist complete, checklist smth next”). It’s always the second-to-last item that remains unchecked on each checklist. Just want to mention it, it doesn’t affect the experience at all.
  2. Hi all, I'm aware that this seems a general issue while using VR, but Toto asked me to bring this up in the forums: When I'm in VR and the fuel truck arrives, the dialogue "How much fuel bla bla ..." doesn't show up in VR; and when I leave VR, it's also not visible. At this point I'm stuck because there's no way communicating to the guy anymore. The same thing happens when he shows up after refueling is finished for me to sign the sheet. As a workaround, I can stay in 2D until he starts refueling so that I can see the first dialogue, however, after he finished it seems as if the dialogue is getting triggered so early that I don't have time getting out of VR to be able to see it. Then I'm stuck with the hose still attached to my plane. Cheers
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