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Found 12 results

  1. Xplane11Pilot

    New Product New Machine ID

    Bought a new product relying on Gizmo (TBM 900) and when I went to activate it I saw that I wasn´t able to choose a machine ID, that was created when I activated another product (IXEG 737), and I had to create another one. What will happen when I run out of machines? I would like to add that they are both installed on the same machine. If you need any more info send PM please
  2. nevertrustasmilincat

    X-A Licensing/Activation trouble

    Long ago, I got the LES DC-3 as a birthday present from my brother, his X-A account (he doesn't even have X-Plane), his mailadress for activation of course (why not)... Now I purchased the C310 from my own account and the trouble began: I can't activate it and got not the slightest clue how to get rid of the registration of the obsolete DC-3 (hope the new one will finally be available) and "other user" from my machine... What do I have to do with the license ID X-A sent me? Is this a ticket for an audition ? (something different than the automatic response without any further support... ) The Gizmo DRM might not be the worst, but when you get in trouble it.... Thanks for your attention and please be so kind to apologize my terrible english. nevertrustasmilincat
  3. NickH4434

    Activation Key Required

    When I first loaded the TBM 900 I had the X-Aviation activator pop up, and I had no issues with that. However, I continue to get a pop up asking for the serial key for activation. I did some googling and determined that it's asking for a serial key for the TBM 900, which I have yet to see. I dug around in the X-Aviation program folder and couldn't find anything regarding a serial key. I've checked my order and receipt emails and there is no mention of a serial key at all. Am I missing something here? I already emailed a support ticket and still have yet to hear back from anyone regarding the issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello I am having an issue with SkyMaxxPro (latest) AND Real Weather Connector (latest). I have reinstalled both over and over (making sure I uninstall previous one via wizard provided) and get now an error. I get a constant X-Aviationn Activation issue (see attached). Thank you for any help.
  5. RRVyper

    Machine ID Locked in XP10 Only

    While I wait for my support ticket to be addressed, can anyone shed some light on why I am receiving Machine ID Locked activation error in XP10 but the same products in XP11 on the same machine continue to activate OK. Is it an outdated Gizmo version in XP10? Is it the Windows 10 Creator's Update?
  6. adbera


    The plane loads nicely, but I can't use it Log.txt
  7. Cheers, tomorrow I will switch X-Plane to a new SSD-Drive (the old one became to small), so some questions... The Operating-System-Drive and the old SSD will stay in place, only X-Plane will move to the new, dedicated one. Do I have to reactivate the 737 (and maybe other X-Aviation products? SkyMaxxPro, RWC installed) Will there be problems regarding the Hardware-ID? I don't want to purchase another copy just because I changed my hardware General question - Moving XP from one disk to another is still possible (movin the folder)? Did it with some older version and there were no problems. Is that still correct? Thanks in advance for reading/replies. Cosmo
  8. Hey.... I seem to be the lucky one with the issues... Had problems before but it still lingers. I bought a second copy of x-plane to network. It is not connected to the network. I have tried to install Skymaxx Pro and the DC-3.. I dl and follow the instructions. It comes up to activate and this is what I am getting. I am eating up my downloads lol. Anyway..I did copy some files over from the original xplane to the new copy..mostly scenery and plugins. I can't remember if Silverlinings was copied over. Silverlinings something to do with Skymaxx Pro? I have both Skymax Pro and DC-3 on the original which I believe are activated and ok but can't get them to activate on second machine. Enough said...any help appreciated. Here are two pictures in one upload. I took so you can see. 31026 (Delivered) 32819 (Delivered)
  9. pilotryan

    Activation Software Problem

    Hi there, I seem to have a bit of an issue with the activation software. I run a 4k screen, and have terrible scaling problems with just about half of the stuff that I run. I just picked up the well known Skymaxx cloud software, and for the life of me can not figure out how to install it as I get an error stating that no value was entered when there was no way to enter a value (reference the uploaded photos). Changing the resolution, turning off scaling on high DPI in compatibility, and running it in 640x480 mode in compatibility does not seem to help. Anybody else seem to have this issue manage to find a fix? Thanks, Ryan
  10. JamesA320

    Not activating

    Hi guys I've E-mailed you guys regarding my issue 48 hours ago now. And If I'm completely honest it's becoming a bit of a joke now. Please at least respond to me on here about my problem, Cheers.
  11. F-AVRO707

    MU-2 Activation

    Hi, I have some trouble with the activation of the MU-2. I have namely to register it each time I want to fly it; it's not very funny... I had some help from Cameron but no real solution. The last time we emailed each other, Cameron asked me if I see a file called 'license_key.txt' in my aircraft folder. My reply was negative. I asked if I had to uninstall and reinstall the plane but I got only one download. How can I get the missing file into my aircraft folder?! PLEASE help.... Thanks in advance and kind regards, Francis
  12. Hi X-Scenery peoples, was going to write my life history but you'd be bored. I haven't used X-Plane for four or five months, and I'm temporarily away from home and without an internet connection on my own PC. I decided to get back into X-Plane, and both the Mu-2 and Falco are asking me to re-activate. No hardware has changed (except the joystick). Is this normal and expected behaviour of the X-Scenery DRM? I'm now going to try and find the email address and password I used to register the Falco. If I don't come back, call the emergency services and ask them to send a rescue party...