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  1. I'll have a look thx, considering I have three other machines with the exact same plug-ins and addons installed working properly is.. bit of a head scratcher..
  2. I run a networked PC sim, a master and 3 slaves for the main rig and one test pc. I have three accounts with x-aviation, and have purchased the TBM three separate times. The first account starting with Beats33 works fine and has three systems activated. The account starting with beats3201 has one system activated, but with the annoying update check pop-up that won't quit (latest XP version as of today and latest nvidia drivers). The test PC will not activate under the beats3201 account and has the machine id locked. So this morning I figured I would try a fresh account for the test pc and bo
  3. Hello, i run a full enclosed home cockpit consisting of 5 PCs, one master, three scenery and one testing pc. I have two x-aviation accounts, as i read that up to three activations are allowed per account. This morning while activating my TBM900 on the pcs, I had two machines locked per their id. Then I tried to fix it by signing in with the new account, and really screwed things up, i'm hoping I can get them reset to setup things properly, one account for the master and test machines and one account for the 3 scenery machines that also run SMP and RWC respectively, I also have sent (just one
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