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  1. Hobelflieger

    Take Command! Saab 340A Version 1.2 Update Released!

    Great ... and Thank you!
  2. Hobelflieger

    19 - PAX seat version of JS32

    Very nice work - I hope for getting JRollon's OK. Best greets Dirk
  3. Hobelflieger

    Past Month of X-Plane 10

    Very nice pictures - great! Best greets Dirk
  4. Hobelflieger

    Cessna Corvalis TT 1.5.2 HotFix

    Hi Cameron, ok, another try: The hotfix function of Gizmo is very nice! (And I don't think to the DC-3-update waiting-time - ) The bug-fixing and updates from X-Aviation gets better and better, really! Best greets and thanks, Dirk
  5. Hobelflieger

    Cessna Corvalis TT 1.5.2 HotFix

    The hotfix fuction of Gizmo is very nice! Better to make a hotfix then waiting several weeks. Best greets Dirk
  6. Hobelflieger

    IDT Mykonos International Airport (LGMK)

    Hello Ilias, that's look much better than the screenshoots a few weeks ago. Very nice. Best greets Dirk
  7. Hobelflieger

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 1.3.2 Update Released!

    Thank you very much for the update, the product get better and better, from version to version. Best greets Dirk
  8. Hobelflieger

    Douglas DC-4

    Hallo Goran, real? - a "Connie"? That's more than phantastic! Best greets, Dirk
  9. Hobelflieger

    Santorini X-Plane

    Uwe, it*s real phantastic what I saw in the video - great! Best greets Dirk
  10. Hobelflieger

    RealLandIsrael XP10

    Very nice! Best greets Dirk
  11. Hobelflieger

    What makes X-Plane for me ?

    http://home.scarlet.be/xplane/crbst_4.html Best greets Dirk
  12. Hobelflieger

    KLN 90B integration

    It's really easy. Push the download-button at the following site: http://www.benedikt-stratmann.de/index.php?kln90b In the zipped file is a good documentation for the installation. It's very easy. Finally you must change the old SASL, which delivered in the zipped file, with an new, actual one. Ready. Best greets Dirk
  13. Hobelflieger

    Survey: gadgets that Saab pilots use

    I use the Bendix KLN 90 B, a magnificent GPS, that's build in the SAAB 340 A from many Airlines: http://www.benedikt-stratmann.de/index.php?kln90b You must change the old SASL in the package with a actual one. Great! Best greets Dirk
  14. Hobelflieger

    Take Command! Saab 340A Version 1.1 Update Released!

    Hallo Jim, thank you for this hotfix. I think it's the best action to solve a problem in this way and don't wait for the next regular update some months later. Good action, best greets, Dirk
  15. Hobelflieger

    Take Command! Saab 340A Version 1.1 Update Released!

    Seems nice after a short test. Phantastic +++ by the FPS. Condition Levers seems ok. Best thanks and greets Dirk