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  1. Crj Fan

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - December 1st

    Yeah... It's pretty hard to restrain yourself when you've been waiting 5 years for them to release your favourite aircraft and then you get promised it a quarter of a year early.
  2. Crj Fan

    The Perfect Fix

    We can have an equivalent of a landing gear; so that the ants get retracted and locked into place and some salmon gets deployed in its place. If we continue on this rate of productivity we can change the world!!!
  3. Crj Fan

    The Perfect Fix

    According to reliable Google, ants can stop climate change so... Its genius!
  4. Crj Fan

    The Perfect Fix

    Yeah, but ants are a cool propulsion method
  5. Crj Fan

    The Perfect Fix

    So, I have had a revolutionary idea: If we completely remove the wings of the Aircraft, then we can get a faster release since there is no need for VNAV. It will also need wheels and a new propulsion system; for this I suggest making it float and by adding billions of unseeable ants which propel the plane. Please, IXEG take onboard this idea, and let's forward this to Boeing to revolutionise stuff!!! Btw, huge fan of IXEG and I respect the care and work you have put into the aircraft.
  6. Crj Fan

    [IDEA] FMS module for developers?

    I don't think it would be cheap, 5 years in the making...
  7. Crj Fan

    What's Next?

    That would be so cool, personally the -400 is my favourite 737
  8. Crj Fan

    What's Next?

    Yeah, true I too hope that the "What's not going to be in V1.0" list to be completed. Except there are already simulations of the MD-80 and its brothers. What about a 747-400?
  9. Crj Fan

    What's Next?

    So we are all hyped for the new IXEG 737, but what will come after that to cement the IXEG name into flight sim history? In my oppinion it would be the development of the new 737 MAX before the big companies like PMDG make it. What do you think?
  10. That's so cool and complex I wish I could do that
  11. That's so cool!! How do you program the Attitude Indicator?
  12. Crj Fan

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 12th

    No it was Cameron flying I'm pretty sure.
  13. For me it has to be BA EGKK-LOWI since I used to take it all the time to ski. (and yes I know BA used the -400)
  14. Crj Fan

    IXEG 737 Screenshots - December 16th

    More like on the 6th Year