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  1. 1.21

    As a flightsimmer for many (some say too many - ProLogic days) years, I would only say that if it were possible to go to your computer and order an aircraft (any aircraft - not just IXEG) and it would suddenly download at your local airport (the real aircraft), the criticism would start to materialize within an hour of the time the purchaser entered the aircraft. I think the work of this team and many others goes above and beyond. Yes, there are some who have produced and sold junk - we have all bought some of that - but, most of the vendors have given us value and that certainly applies to Cameron and team. Thanks guys. I, for one, appreciate your headaches and will enjoy whatever you give us ... whenever that happens ... and until then, am thoroughly enjoying the current version. John
  2. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    In Ben’s blog re b5, he mentions the updating of flight characteristics by opening aircraft in Plane Maker, saving, and thus getting the latest. I have done this with several aircraft, including the IXEG 737, and it seems to help - certainly hasn’t hurt. This apparently will be the procedure for updating flight characteristics of aircraft now if I understand him correctly. John
  3. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Thanks Cameron. It looks and flies great. I am seeing a few more framerates with the same settings at the same locations and that is really good! John
  4. Beautiful. Thanks guys! John
  5. I just want to let you guys know that you have at least one customer who is happy that you are actively working to bring your excellent product up to date. I am enjoying your work and look forward to whatever you can bring to the platform - after all, we bought an XP-10 aircraft and you are working to make it work across another completely different program just because you care about your customers. Thanks, John
  6. First official XP11 screenshot

    Personally, having just purchased this beautiful aircraft, I think you guys have done a wonderful job and my purchase was after having read that you were going to make it an XP-11 bird. I have XP-10, but I rarely find myself going back and yes, I do see the difference in your aircraft's performance between the two platforms. Your pictures look great and I look forward to flying with the modifications, but please don't loose any more time by answering my, or anyone else's, comments. John
  7. Even in XP-10. Minor problem, but ..... John
  8. ILS setup

    I put the ILS frequency into N1 and N2 and the runway heading into the CRS windows (both) on the Glareshield panel. As you line up with the runway, press the VOR LOC button and then press the APP button. When you intercept the Glideslope, press the second CMD button and watch your SPD window and begin dialing it down when the speed shows up. At 30 degrees of flap you should be at 140 MPH (Selected in your approach setup in the FMC). You should have gear down, auto brakes set, and spreedbrakes armed as you approach. John
  9. [Solved]Problem saving file

    Small "c" in "coroutes" was my problem... Duh! Not "Coroutes". John
  10. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    It's five o'clock somewhere... At least that's what Jimmy Buffett said! EDIT: Just checked and it is not April 1..... John
  11. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    Standing by for my email! John
  12. SkyMAXX V4 New Screenshots

    No longer will the guys from the other sims be able to criticize X-Plane or Sky Maxx Pro! I hope the framerates don't take a hit. Thanks for the dedication Cameron and fellow programmers. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! John
  13. GNS430/530

    If you look at the Garmin website, it appears that neither of these have terrain IRL. They do have other models that show terrain and even the 430/530 might with upgrades, etc. I believe that 10.40 might offer some updates, but I'm not sure. Seems that I read it somewhere. I use igmaphd (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fswidgets-igmaphd/id392590060?mt=8) with mine and it works great - giving sectionals, terrain, road maps, etc. John
  14. Try just taking the panel off the side of your computer for a test run. You might even place a fan somewhere that would blow cool air into the case for this trial. While the driver roll back and settings seem to help with "stutters", the FRs tend to stay up. Also, I have never really seen much difference with the "performance" setting, although I have always used the high performance setting. Your symptoms sound like something is going down during your flight and, in my experience, heat might be the culprit. If it is, install more chassis fans, and if there is no space for that, I have actually cut a hole in the side panel and installed a fan there which would blow directly on the card. Any additional fans can create additional dust - depending on your surroundings. You might find, when you open your case, that a can of air is in order (another potential)! Good luck with your search. John
  15. 18 GB? Sounds unusual, but I guess some combination could give you that... Maybe a compatibility problem with a mismatch. I would suspect a overheating problem. John