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  1. Each new incarnation of your Skymaxx clouds seems to get more and more hideous looking! You guys need to get back to your roots when the clouds were more volumetric!
  2. strider

    Exciting take off runs...

    After reading this thread I did a bunch of takeoffs and landings to see what the issue is. No issues landing at all! Takeoffs are a little tricky but generally speaking I can the keep the nose pointed down the runway. I think there is a lot of variables here with trim, power, speed in the ground roll, user settings and pilot inputs! Can it use some improvements? probably. The rudder inputs seem a little over sensitive or maybe kind of delayed. But it's definitively better then previous versions. If you can't keep the plane pointed down the runways 7 times out of the 10 then something is wrong with your settings, hardware, or it's pilot operator error.
  3. strider

    Please let us get rid of the pilot?

    I was hoping to see dogs and kids in the back or a bunch of girls in bikinis as I have an out of body experience flying in the clouds:)
  4. strider

    No Comms at all

    I had the same problem! lol....I was scratching my head trying to figure out why I couldnt pick up the ATIS. The com1 is just always on with the default planes that I never really think about pushing the button to 'ON'....
  5. strider

    No Comms at all

    Make sure you have the com/mic button turned on in the audio panel!
  6. strider

    Rain effect

  7. Should experimental flight model be on or off in 11.30 with the TBM?
  8. strider

    Very unstable aircraft?

    Hard drives are cheap now! And you don't need to install the whole world! I usually end up installing a fresh copy of XP when there is a new version XP because there always seems to be add-on conflict that causes low fps or other weird anomalies.
  9. strider

    Very unstable aircraft?

    Have you tried a second copy of Xplane with no add-ons besides the TBM? Thatsthe easiest way to troubleshoot.
  10. strider

    Texture too dark

    That overhead panel is going to be dark in real life too. Unfortunately, we can not just reach up and feel for the switches. You really don't need to mess with those overhead switches once you start the AC anyways, with the exception of the landing lights, but I just leave them on. Asking the dev to make the color unrealistic is not the solution. Maybe it's time for a feature request from laminar, maybe a brighter red flashlight would help?
  11. strider

    Very unstable aircraft?

    Try installing a clean second copy of xplane and then test
  12. strider

    Texture too dark

    Turn the lights on!
  13. strider


    2018-10-28 17:06:45 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000
  14. strider

    Texture too dark

    They are dark but I can see the switches in your picture. Try turning on the two cabin lights above the pilot. If you still can't see them maybe it's time for a brighter monitor.
  15. strider

    Texture too dark

    You need to calibrate your monitor or buy a new monitor! I can see all of the toggle switches when the cockpit lights are turned on! I can even see them when the red flashlight is turned on! Can you see them in the picture below?