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  1. Great work chris

  2. chris k


    Space Lazer Cannons and Unlimited Bar Cart in first class would be nice too...
  3. chris k

    Not To Be Sappy or Anything.....

    Congrats guys on SMP v4! Always happy to support you and your team with a few shillings. - CK.
  4. chris k

    XP11 -- Gamma correction

    Bug report posted to Ben and team
  5. chris k

    Default 737 Wingview

  6. chris k

    XP11 -- Gamma correction

    Ok, there's a bug in .POLS and DDS DXT1 with: NO_ALPHA vs ALPHA No_ALPHA removes the 'washed out' alpha channel correctly With an Alpha channel enabled, even though I never use it (1 Bit alpha i.e. on/off to crop imagery - i.e. never triggered in the opaque areas), it still 'washes out' the entire DDS; and i have screenshots to prove it =) - CK.
  7. Shut up and take my money! =) - CK.
  8. chris k

    Default 737 Wingview

    Nevermind XP11 not saving QL Prefs at the moment (i.e. nothing written to Aircraft/Laminar/B738_prefs.txt); ergo can't survive restart; nor can't offline edit it with a text editor. I 10 version _hobs_time 14864.546875 _livery_req 3 No this has nothing to do with X-Camera. XP10 saved every saved quicklook position in the Aircraft's prefs file a text... the QuickLook function was default behaviour for years in XP10; however seems not to be 'saving' in Xp11 (i works in-game, to move, save, and recall so far...) but doesn't survive reload.
  9. chris k

    Default 737 Wingview

    Yeah just tried.. can't "get out of the cockpit' in the default 737.... if you could, would be easy to make a wingview Had an Idea: Suppose I could manually "hack" the .Quickook save positions by hand, and "start" a position outside the airplane when I hit '6' or something- might want to try that. the QL save positions are just text files; so save say '6' as close to outside as you can, then manually zap the file and put it another few meters outside... then inside XP11 reposition it
  10. Rendering Setting page is a little "too clean" now I noticed. No way via UI to adjust screen gamma. I added it in manually into the the X-Plane.prf file (thats where it was in XP10) via: _screen_gamma_ 1.800000 However it doesn't seem to make any difference -- once again, X-Plane ships with "washed out" gamma at the 2.7-3.3 range; and with my deep colour monitor, theres no "pop" to the colours at all. (side by side comparison of some DDS imagery I Xgrinded vs how it shows up in XP indicates I really need to set XP11's gamma to 1.7 or lower..) Anyone know a dataref I could poke that survives restart? (Or John/Frank -- can some MaxxFX-style script adjust this?) - CK.
  11. Looking forward to this -- Always glad to support John and Frank's work. - CK.
  12. chris k

    Default 737 Wingview

    There's no interior in the XP11 beta default 737; so yeah You can still likely move the camera there (haven't tried myself); but since there's no internal objects for the windows...