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    Wrong Dest Alt in FMS LTE

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm curious how you got your Nav 2 standby frequency to be 0.00!
  2. rjb4000

    Unlocking throttle to use beta range

    My understanding is that holding down the button is like holding the unlock lever. If you press the button then move your power lever it’s like releasing the unlock lever then trying to get into the locked taxi range. Give holding down the button then moving the power lever into taxi range a try!
  3. rjb4000

    Strange Mx expense after CTD

    Heh - that would be convenient! I looked again at the airframe manager and the registration is missing from the box. The x-plane logbook calls the tail number "N287QK" which I assume is the default. If there's a way to recover the original tail number somehow without creating a new airframe I think that would be ideal!
  4. rjb4000

    Strange Mx expense after CTD

    Hi there - I had a CTD last night while taxiing in after landing. The log file suggested graphics card, and I discovered out of date drivers and updated. The more interesting thing for me was that on re-entering the sim, the airframe hours were reset as if the airplane had been just delivered, and the "Total Expenses" line showed $925,000 but no maintenance expenses. The maintenance log shows no entries either. Is there some sequence of events I should have done to make sure to preserve the airframe data after a CTD? Have I lost the airframe in this situation? Thanks!
  5. rjb4000

    Autopilot not capturing ALT

    Just an observation; from the screenshots it looks like your elevator trim is full nose down, which could be a result of an out-of-balance condition. Can you confirm that the center of gravity in the load manager is within limits?