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  1. Hi, Can X-Aviation Hot Start TBM 900 owners please advise about the fps performance of this plane with 3 monitors (3x 1920x1080) ? My conf: i7 6700K - 16GB RAM - GTX 1070 8GB I've been reading posts of people telling about max of 30fps and sometimes much less, I guess with single monitor. If that is true it can go to 15 or even less with 3 monitor configuration. Of course using Synthetic Vision. Makes no sense to use this plane without Synthetic Vision, just because there are other cheaper options then. I really want to buy this plane, but not to waste my money if it is not going to work in my config, so any user experience will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I'm very interested to buy this plane, looks amazing, but I had read several complains about FPS performance. My configuration is i7 + GTX 1070 + 16GB Ram... and 3 monitors @ 1920x1080. I have 30 to 40 FPS with some of the planes using the 3 monitors but some other planes drop to 20-25. Due the complexity of the TBM 900 my concern is to have less than 20 FPS. Can anyone with similar configurations advise? Thank you so much!
  3. Hi, I followed your recombination and I have to say that I'm very impressed with this plane. I enjoyed a lot and now its one of my favorites. I want to write a small review here just to try to add my two cents (requests) for this or next version: 1. Sounds: not bad but I think too "loopy". There is a set in the forum Mitsubishi_MU2_real_sounds.zip but seems not to work in 1.9 version. In my opinion bit better sound will make this plane just incredible. 2. Exterior design: Exterior design and textures could be also a bit better. Since I flight in 3D cockpit all the time exterior is minor thing to me, And this one has an amazing 3d cockpit. 3. Reverse: getting use to this realistic mode. Perhaps, can you add a third way? similar to realistic mode but giving all the lever path to throttle and then when toggle thrust reverse command pressed/used give all lever path to reverse. It can be toggled one way or the other but always full lever path. 4. Parking brake: This brake stick doesn't respond to the regular x-plane command (at least not to me) so I have to manually use the mouse instead my standard assigned button that works with all the planes: Toggle brakes max effort. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. 5. Trims: Trims are bit picky in this plane, no way to totally stabilize, I have to be constantly trimming, more than normal. Not sure if this is because real one is this way. Also, the plane always start with aliron trim in -0.8% according to reading dataref. 6. Rain: is it possible to have better rain effects? librain integration maybe? All the points in the review above are just small changes that in my opinion will make this plane even better, but now is great! Thank you for such a good plane!