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  1. Pull to Set

    Thank you Sir, Hope my MCP is as reliable as your.
  2. Pull to Set

    Not sure, the plane continue flying at the MCP speed.
  3. Pull to Set

    What is use of this one? Just a reminder, or anything else?
  4. Smartcopilot

    There is a real interest for a shared cockpit, more than expected at least by me. Almost 1000 downloads for the last release including BP! Claude.
  5. Alternate Flaps

    I just notice that the Alternate Flaps switch is spring loaded for the down position, not for the up one Is it normal, or a bug?
  6. Typo problem

    Ben or Cameron, have you opened my logs?
  7. Typo problem

    Good day, Here are the logs of my third computer. On this one, Gizmo is correctly activated. logs
  8. Typo problem

    Good day Ben, Logs of my main computer. logs
  9. Activation problem

    Here are the logs of my XP 11. My IXEG is activated. PS; i can't join my files here. They are in this thread:
  10. Typo problem

    My logs
  11. Activation problem

    Today (and for 2/3 next days) i am (will be) near my third computer only. I have saved the last working Gizmo.log (08-29), and the new broken one of today. I also join the last log.txt of X Plane. This is for my Xp 10 install. I also have a Xp 11 on this one with the Ixeg only.
  12. Activation problem

    New attempt: Activate my license of my other install of X Plane (on my Cockpit-1 computer, no hardware change) Now my main computer is locked!
  13. Activation problem

    Hello A different name of the machine does not solve the problem. Have you an other idea ?
  14. Activation problem

    Thank you for your fast reply, On this install, i only have the IXEG. As usual, launching the .exe uninstall, then reinstall the plane. The problem remain: machine id locked. What will happen if i choose a new name for my machine (in this case, the name will be different of the name of my Windows machine)?
  15. Activation problem

    Hello, this morning, i have updated my X Plane 11 installations (X Plane 11.05) Now (may be a coincidence) , my Gizmo softwares are activated on my X Plane 11 install, and my X Plane 11 Test is not happy (same SSD).