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  1. birdy.dma


    Thank you Rhard. Monitoring the FPS is a good idea. Harry, can you install DiscreetFPS (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/19392-discreetfps-display-the-current-framerate-discreetly/) on both computers? The framerate is displayed in different colors, ranging from red for framerate 20 or lower, gradually going over orange, amber and yellowgreen to green for 36 and up.
  2. birdy.dma


    File updated for SmartCo 3.1.1 https://sky4crew.com/download/737-classic-1-2-betterpushback/
  3. birdy.dma


    An update for Smartco 3.1.0 and the 1.51 release. https://sky4crew.com/smartcopilot-3-1-released/ https://sky4crew.com/download/saab-340a-1-3-2017-06-21/
  4. birdy.dma


    Hi Swik, please check PM.
  5. birdy.dma


    A new file for SmartCopilot 3.0.0 https://sky4crew.com/download/ixeg-737-classic/ PS: more than 20.000 downloads of the old file.
  6. birdy.dma

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    hi JGregory, The ICAO code will be useful for the network plugins. About networks, could you create and send a set of CSL to the X-CSL team? As Saso did for his TBM. https://csl.x-air.ru/info
  7. birdy.dma


    Today, almost 15.000 downloads!
  8. birdy.dma

    Better Pushback Volume

    You should push your request here: https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC/pulls
  9. birdy.dma

    v1.1 IGNITION always auto at beginning

    See page 8 of the Quick Start Guide.
  10. birdy.dma

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    Hi, For the second time, a release includes something about smartco. Great, thanks to saso and the smartco config garage. The most exiting features of the plane are wear and tears, failures. Is this doable? Create override wear datarefs. For example tbm900/override/comps/airframe/hstab/elv_act/wear = 0 (no override) or 1 (override active). So, scp/api/ismaster = 0 no connection, or smartco not installed: override = 0 scp/api/ismaster = 1 this is the slave machine: override = 1 , values will be received from the master thru the [CONTINUED] section. scp/api/ismaster = 2 this is the master machine: override = 0
  11. https://pohperformance.com/TBM/index.html Exist also for Android and Ipad.
  12. birdy.dma

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    Thanks docpan and your friends, you are now an expert. For 2 days, i am not at home, but waiting your file i have installed the plane at home on my main computer. ASAP, i will test, report here and help if i can. First glance, point 6 (payload tab), can be probably solved easily (i mean with time, i know we are a niche in the niche) by the devs (values in an array, click spots with custom commands). Thank you saso, Goran and docpan. Claude.
  13. birdy.dma

    licence question (Desktop +laptop)

    Hi, Yes, you can. Claude.
  14. birdy.dma

    G1000/FPLN tutorial videos

    Good day Camille, You have this one in your native language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxfzdv0JoXs
  15. birdy.dma


    Also this one: https://omyplane.com/aircrafts/daher-tbm/tbm-900-engine-start/