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  1. birdy.dma


    Also this one: https://omyplane.com/aircrafts/daher-tbm/tbm-900-engine-start/
  2. birdy.dma

    Socata TBM-900 Interior Previews!

    Good day, Training is also the purpose of smartco. With newbies, I always start with the stock Cessna. Discovering and learning with a friend is always a pleasure. Anyway, smartco hate randomized code, so, it’s a no go. Don’t worry, I will be an early customer! Have a nice WE. Claude.
  3. birdy.dma

    Socata TBM-900 Interior Previews!

    You are usually fantastic. Now you are incredible. I can't believe what i just read in your post. PS: have i any chance to write a smartcopilot.cfg file for this bird?
  4. birdy.dma

    Correct sequence of pushback and engine start?

    No problems since the 0.42 release of BP ( https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC/issues/17 ) . PS: i did the tests for WP 10 and 11. May be a plugin conflict. Can you join your log.txt?
  5. birdy.dma

    saab 340A vert sync

    Page 193 of the system.pdf
  6. birdy.dma

    Better pushback issues with Saab

    I have just removed the ground equipment, and parking brake when requested. As usual, we can suspect conflict plugin and scripts (FWL, Python). If you have time, download the Demo of X Plane, then install here only the SAAB and BP.
  7. birdy.dma

    Better pushback issues with Saab

    Hello, Just tested with: X Plane 11.21 final, Win 10, Saab 1.5, BP 0.47. No problem. Have you removed the ground equipment? Also tested after an auto start. No problem.
  8. birdy.dma


    Again and again. A recent Morten post: The aircraft will get further updates, we apologize for the delay which is mainly a result of us doing this a as a hobby besides our "real" jobs. A recent Tkyler post: I'm just now reading this and as a IXEG member and mod here, I have permissions to respond and will. Especially since I'm the one who programmed much of the features Shobhan is lamenting and also the one who has not worked on it in some time. First off, Shobhan complaints seem to be 100% focused on the FMC and indeed that is plausible enough as it it centric to airline operations and a big appeal for airliner sim enthusiasts. But there are also other aspects of a airliner simulation to consider that others find equally important as well and worthy of value. Other products, while having a more complete FMC implementation, might not have as good of visual or aural fidelity....and who's to say that "immersion of FMC accuracy" is more important to simmer A or B than "immersion of visual accuracy", or "immersion of aural accuracy", i.e. I myself enjoy the cockpit immersion, visual and aural more than the FMC usage. I know this is not the case for you here Shobahn. In the end, we want it all to be accurate no doubt. A thorough FMC with a cartoony or disproportionate 3D looking airplane is very disappointing to myself......BUT....I also know the FMC is the centerpiece for most customers and worth the discussion. At the end of the day, Shobahn is entitled to his opinion and I fully respect that....what I don't respect is his calling us lazy. Shobahn doesn't know me, Jan, Nils and Morten from Adam. He doesn't know my wife, my daughters, their trials and tribulations, my brothers, parents and all the things in our worlds that will be important and relevant long after X-Plane is gone from our worlds and sometimes there are things that need tending to at critical times in life that have no other options. Its just the way things can be in life. Now I certainly would not call Shobahn lazy because I don't know him, nor will I call him ignorant....I will say he's made some ignorant statements here in this forum though. IXEG is made up of very very good and talented individuals....so good that each is in demand and always candidates for promotions in their own professions and they honor those committments they made there before IXEG. I also realize there are committments to customers, especially when money changes hands, and I will continue to honor those over time as best I can. The whole team have a long history of longevity and committment to X-Plane. I myself am disappointed at the timing of updates too, but things are what they are for the moment. The alternative was to what? say, "well we won't make the 733 100% accurate for some years and some folks will be upset one day....so lets just not do it at all?" I do not subscribe to that strategy as i've learned that any good thing takes time and you have to start somewhere and always keep moving.... and listening to folks like Shobahn voice their criticisms and opinions along the way come with the territory. If things don't move at a pace to satisfy all, then thats just the way it is. In the meantime, Shobahns comments are very much noted and understood... I even agree with about 85% of them.... and myself, being the prime author behind the FMC....will return to working on it and improving it further quite soon enough. My situation is well documented elsewhere. If nothing else, IXEG have demonstrated tenacity and committment to this project over many years and it will not languish as is. If there's one group I trust to keep moving and improving the 733, even in the midst of the occasional update draughts, its Jan, Nils and Morten! -tkyler
  9. birdy.dma

    New owner with some snags

    Also, YD must be engaged before the AP.
  10. birdy.dma

    Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

    Hi, Cameron or Sasso, Does this mean a crew of 2 (smartco like?).
  11. birdy.dma


    Datarefs also. You can try to convert them with this tool: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/11720-xjoymap-joystic-to-dataref-mapping/
  12. birdy.dma


    Sorry, LES/saab/ias_bug_dial and LES/saab/ias_bug_dial_pos are datarefs, not commands.
  13. birdy.dma


    Probably one of those. LES/saab/ias_bug_dial LES/saab/ias_bug_dial_pos
  14. birdy.dma


    Again, better with AP: https://sky4crew.com/download/
  15. birdy.dma

    Observations Saab 340 1.5.

    Hi Nexter, of course, Goran_M is right. Post the logs of both pilots.