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  1. New owner with some snags

    Also, YD must be engaged before the AP.
  2. Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

    Hi, Cameron or Sasso, Does this mean a crew of 2 (smartco like?).
  3. Dataref's

    Datarefs also. You can try to convert them with this tool:
  4. Dataref's

    Sorry, LES/saab/ias_bug_dial and LES/saab/ias_bug_dial_pos are datarefs, not commands.
  5. Dataref's

    Probably one of those. LES/saab/ias_bug_dial LES/saab/ias_bug_dial_pos
  6. Smartcopilot

    Again, better with AP:
  7. Observations Saab 340 1.5.

    Hi Nexter, of course, Goran_M is right. Post the logs of both pilots.
  8. Observations Saab 340 1.5.

    Weird. Already reported by a couple of pilots ( Major96 ) I will try to catch the bug again. Difficult as i can't reproduce it. PS: please about smartco post in the right thread.
  9. Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    As said by J Gregory, it is only a label. Same to turn a knob. It is not for up or down, but for right / left. Chose the command which will give the effect you are looking for. Does not matter its name. LES/CMD/autopilot/APCP/turn_knob_pos LES/CMD/autopilot/APCP/turn_knob_neg
  10. Smartcopilot

    First post updated:
  11. Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    Tick Vertical Speed Selection. Assign you coly hat (or buttons) as described on the picture. _pos will be the up position, decreasing VS. Even cold and dark, activate your button up (decrease) then down (increase) the VS value will be displayed in the upper left corner of your screen. Are your values inverted?
  12. Smartcopilot

    I have no specific idea. As usual, conflict plugins (mainly XPUIPC, FWL), X Plane failures, a switch assigned to something wrong and unannounced, an assignment to a condition lever. Launch a speed test: The best upload will be the master. If your connection is established thru Hamachi, try a direct connection with the Wan IP. If necessary, redirect port 56897 from you box to your computer. Check your fps: 25 fps or above. No AI planes with plugin (select only stock planes).
  13. Smartcopilot

    Good day, You must have same : Release of X Plane, Saab, BetterPushback (or no BP at all). Bp is probably the culprit. Only a small bug with the digit lights. The knob can be turned by the master only. If I share this knob, it automagically turns full right. May be because it’s minimum value is never 0. Some thing is specific with this one, I don’t understand what (it’s the brightness of the GPS, NAV/COM, XPNDR). PS: don’t assign any axis to the condition levers. Mouse only.
  14. Smartcopilot

    Sorry, i have no time now. Will reply tomorrow (for me zulu + 1 h), and provide a new good file.
  15. Smartcopilot

    Yes, the pump is operating correctly without SC. There is something new since X Plane 10 and the Saab 1.41. There is no problem with this combo. Please, can you explain me the values or events involved to start/stop the pump? Thank you for your attention.