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  1. Smartcopilot

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Danke, danke, danke,
  2. Smartcopilot

    I know, here we are a niche in the niche, but who knows? To be more comfortable for the smartcopiloters, few custom datarefs are really missing. In fact much more, but at least 4. Starting cold and dark, we need to have battery and emergency guards synchronized, also the 2 carts. At some point, could the devs add: ixeg/733/electrical/batt_pwr_status (0.1). Only this one will be synchronized thru smartco. It will activate the battery guard. So each plugin will do the job at his own speed with the existing and non synchronizable ixeg/733/electrical/batt_pwr_guard. Same with the emergency light guard. ixeg/733/electrical/emer_lights_status (0,1). About the carts, ixeg/733/groundobjs/air_cart_status and ixeg/733/groundobjs/gpu_cart_status will synchronize the tick of the 2 D popup and execute the script. As it is today, ixeg/733/groundobjs/gpu_cart_kill show/hide the cart for both pilots, but the script is executed only for the pilot who have ticked the cart, the other one have not the GPU available. Regards
  3. Smartcopilot

    BetterPushback is now synchronized. Go to the first post. Claude.
  4. Autopilot turn knob

    In fact it's not a big deal. I don't understand the difference of use between the heading knob and the autopilot turn knob, at least as it was implemented in the 1.3 release. Should this one disconnect any other lateral mode? (NAV/GPS, APP). Is it supposed to drive also the heading bug?
  5. Autopilot turn knob

    Thank you.
  6. Autopilot turn knob

    Is it inhibited in the 1.4.1 release?
  7. Datarefs for barometric setting controls

    Tom is right. ixeg/733/altimeter/baro_inhg_sby_0001_ind, for the standby altimeter, and sim/cockpit2/gauges/actuators/barometer_setting_in_hg_copilot, sim/cockpit2/gauges/actuators/barometer_setting_in_hg_pilot, for the 2 other altimeters. Claude.
  8. B737-300 Problem installation

    The X-Aviation folders for a working install:
  9. Smartcopilot

    Go to the first post. There is a new file for the 1.4.release.
  10. Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    VMO pointers. As the plane is cold and dark, the left VMO pointer is set to 0, the FO's one is already set to 250. Not a bug, but a NI feature: no charts for the FO.
  11. Runaway pitch trim v1.4.1 in the Saab 340A

    May be a help pushing the trim reset button.
  12. Smartcopilot

    This bird is brilliant, and fantastic with a crew of 2. This winter, there was an Ivao event at London City. Unflyable alone with such a plane, even hard time with 2 pilots on board. One of my more exiting flight. Hope the 1.4.1 is not definitively broken.
  13. Smartcopilot

  14. Smartcopilot

    I did a quick test with the 1.4.1 release. Something is broken probably due to the new logics (Fuel, Hyd, right engine throttle, right generator annunciator). Starting right engine (autostart, and manual start as well), end up with a mismatch between annunciators, TO/INH, GRD OP. Please, can a dev help us, explaining what is different with the new logics, At some point, a command or a dataref is not transmited. I will investigate a little more next week, as i am not near my Lan during this WE.
  15. Smartcopilot

    Good day Will, Jump here: